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Productive Flourishing
130: You Have to Make Time to Make Time

130: You Have to Make Time to Make Time

Today’s episode is a requested reading of a previous published post on Productive Flourishing. Charlie answers a question about making time to plan and how he uses certain materials to organize and remind. The key idea is that you have to make time for planning, so that you save or don’t waste time when you’re in the doing.

Key Takeaways:

[0:49] - Conversation started with Eric Grey about their momentum planners - his concerns are about time spent interfacing with the system as well as time spent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to plan.

[2:02] - The hard part is the start-up cost of using a new system. Once you have the “roadmap” built, the time spent each week will be much less. You do have to regularly spend time with the system, but the planners help to make this easier.

[3:57] - Charlie uses digital apps more to memorize and remind, rather than to sort through what he needs to get done. Once he has organized what he’s doing, then he will put it in the digital app. This helps keep things in the moment.

[4:59] - A hybrid approach is beneficial when the time is put in up front. When you make time to make time, you start to see that some of the things you’re doing may not be what matters most, or it can shed light on some of our habits.

[5:41] - No productivity system can override your choices - they serve to support and facilitate the self-mastery of your chosen goals.

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