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Productive Flourishing
127: How Charlie Gets Stuff Done with Jennifer Labin

127: How Charlie Gets Stuff Done with Jennifer Labin

In this episode, Charlie and Jennifer cover the “behind the scenes” of how Charlie gets stuff done. Tune in to find out everything from why he joined the army and how he applies that to his work to his workout and self-care routines. If you like “behind the scenes” or “making of,” you’ll love this episode.

Key Takeaways:

[3:13] - Charlie shares his origin story, highlighting what made him decide to go into the military. Although many of his family members also joined the army, Charlie didn’t feel pressured, but rather found that this is where he thrived.

[7:22] - After eight years in the national guard, what routines or structures has Charlie carried forward with him that he gained from his experience being in the military? The biggest things are resiliency and internal coping strategies, as well as frameworks and codifying information.

[12:12] - How has the resiliency and internal coping strategies helped Charlie coach other entrepreneurs? One of the main things is teaching them how to be adaptable people who can slide anywhere they need to in their business.

[14:40] - Charlie mentioned that he works out two to three times a week; what does that look like for Charlie? He talks about working out with a friend, and overcoming the initial hurdle of making it a habit.

[19:08] - What else is encompassed in Charlie’s self-care routine? Highlights include tea, meditation, and limited screen time.

[23:35] - Charlie talks about his tech setup, which is all Mac.

[28:30] - What happens when Charlie travels? Sometimes he takes his work with him, but it can be hard to get things done during the actual act of traveling. Charlie shares a bit about what works best for him for getting work done on the go.

[32:00] - Jennifer asks Charlie to share some of his failed experiments. In addition to which he experiments he tried, he more importantly shares what he learned from the ventures that maybe didn’t go so well.

[38:53] - Charlie talks about creating channels of communications with others. In the previous question he spoke about getting to know the content preference of his audience, but this also broadens to include seeking help from others.

[42:20] - Charlie and Jennifer engage in a series of rapid-fire questions to better understand Charlie.

[46:13] - What unanticipated challenge is Charlie currently facing? It is harder to let go of the manager aspects of his business than he originally imagined.

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