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Productive Flourishing
123: Feeling Your Way through What Does Make You Happy versus Should Make You Happy with Kristin Reinbach

123: Feeling Your Way through What Does Make You Happy versus Should Make You Happy with Kristin Reinbach

Kristin Reinbach joins Charlie to discuss the question of whether happiness is dependent on the culture we’re from. They talk about the difference between social norms of success and happiness versus our personal concepts of success and happiness.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] - How did Kristin get to where she is today? What inspired her to get into the “happy-making business” she’s in now?

[5:15] - Charlie and Kristin engage in a conversation about happiness in other cultures that seem not to make business endeavors a primary focus. Kristin specifically shares her experience from living in Germany.

[8:07] - There seems to be a shift from entrepreneurial success to more of a focus on happiness and a good life. But is there a gender stigma surrounding this idea?

[9:52] - Happiness across cultures can get convoluted because people think of the effect of happiness rather than the deeper level of flourishing and thriving.

[11:35] - What if creativity was more important than well-being? Kristin suggests that perhaps happiness linked to joy is more of a short-term happiness, while creativity is a more sustainable version of happiness.

[15:05] - As a Western culture, we don’t seem to talk about things like character and courage as much as we used to. These things can drive our creativity and our business.

[19:45] - Kristin and Charlie talk about some cultural differences between the United States and Europe in terms of how we view creativity and success in conjunction with each other, and whether that career path is acceptable in that culture.

[24:05] - What are some of the differences between the genders in terms of how they approach and react to their work? A good question to ask might be: How do you want to feel?

[28:00] - We are conditioned by society. This can have a big impact on whether we should be happy (surface) versus whether we are really feeling a deep, internal happiness. How does age factor into this?

[35:23] - Creativity is a great tool to extend our purpose and success beyond what we do day to day to make a living.

[37:57] - It is important to recognize your own creative potential, and to be able to differentiate between your version of happiness from your society’s version of happiness.

[38:40] - Kristin encourages us to reevaluate the way think about what should make us happy, and focus on more on feeling happiness at a deeper level. She presents four points: be conscious about when we should feel happy, pay attention to when we’re envious, be in touch with our feelings, and the 101 Wishes List.

[44:26] - Lean into the things that matter to you. Find a way to reflect on the things that matter to you.

[46:27] - Kristin’s challenge: do something during the next week that feels really pointless, and see what happens. Her invitation: be a good human being - support other people who are afraid to allow their creativity to flourish.

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