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122: Welcome to Project World

122: Welcome to Project World

Today’s episode is a requested reading of a previously published post on Productive Flourishing called “Welcome to Project World.” The key idea is that we no longer live in a world defined by careers, but rather by projects. What we finish is more important than what we’ve been doing and working on.

Key Takeaways:

[0:51] - Charlie suggests that the Industrial Revolution began a time when the world of work was “career world.” The focus shifted toward work that served a mass of unknown customers.

[1:55] - Jobs in project world: In career world, we go to school to work for a company we’d likely work for during our entire careers up to retirement. In project world, the longevity of the same job is much shorter. Charlie explains why.

[4:02] - When we leave a job in project world, the only thing we take with us are the things that we have finished. What counts is what we build, sell, or manage.

[4:56] - Entrepreneurs and small business owners in project world: In this day and age, things are changing so quickly and that can put a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs and small business owners.

[6:05] - People want to buy and experience a product - they will only buy our words for so long.

[6:23] - General practices in project world: Finish something every day. Charlie calls this “shipping” - getting something out of our heads and into the world. We are the most fulfilled when we make progress on meaningful goals.

[7:17] - We have unprecedented autonomy, adventure, and chance for impact via network effects. We are happiest when we’re actually finishing the work we’re meant to do.

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