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120: Q&A #6: Networking from a Place of Generosity, Project Post-Mortems, and Working in Harmony with Your Spouse

120: Q&A #6: Networking from a Place of Generosity, Project Post-Mortems, and Working in Harmony with Your Spouse

Our host, Charlie and his wife, Angela answer community members’ questions about networking, project post-mortems, and share real experiences of how they work together as a married couple.

Key Takeaways:

[1:04] - As a solo entrepreneur, how do we go about figuring out how to be the one that gives instead of the one who takes? How forward can we be when offering our help?

[2:06] - Think about how your personal values and principles can translate to your business practices. At the same time, think about how you can be forward about the specific kind of help you can provide, based on the knowledge of your career.

[5:35] - Do you know of a methodology to archive or store learnings in order to serve as a knowledge base for other stakeholders within the business, specifically with post-mortems after projects are lost? How can it be used to upskill your staff and bring new people to the team?

[6:25] - Make sure you have someone who will facilitate an after action review: what did we want to happen, what actually happened, and what do we want to do differently in the future? An honest conversation about how a project went is crucial for a beneficial project post-mortem.

[9:57] - Make sure after you’ve reviewed a project, you put that information somewhere that you can access in the future. Before you start a new project, take time to re-read them so you can avoid making the same mistakes moving forward.

[13:45] - How do you work in harmony as a married couple? How do you not let your entire life become about your work?

[15:03] - Carve out time for you and your spouse as a couple, so you have a chance to be together outside of work, focusing on each other personally more than professionally.

[18:30] - Angela and Charlie also have a practice where they don’t use their phones and also allow for transition time to move between work zone and couple zone.

[22:18] - Discover your boundaries as an individual for work-related talk outside of business hours, and check in with your spouse or partner to establish a mutual understanding.

[26:27] - When it comes to work performance, these types of conversations can get a little tricky. But it’s important to discuss them during business hours, rather than bringing them home into the personal realm.

[29:00] - Continue to send in your questions on the Creative Giant Campfire or send your questions straight to Angela.

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