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112: Q&A #4: Preventing Overwhelm, Dealing with a Bad Day, and Hiring When You Don’t Have the Cash

112: Q&A #4: Preventing Overwhelm, Dealing with a Bad Day, and Hiring When You Don’t Have the Cash

After seeing how much more fun it was to have Angela with me on the Q&A’s, we’ve decided that it’s the new standard. Today we answer questions people send in about preventing overwhelm when goal-setting, dealing with a bad day and hiring someone when you don’t have the immediate cash to do so. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:22] Q1 from Cheryl is how to plan out your yearly goals without getting overwhelmed.

[1:58] Q1 Answer — You should aim to break down your annual goals into manageable chunks — quarterly objectives, monthly objectives, weekly projects and daily tasks.

[5:18] The place we get overwhelmed is at the daily task level, all of the small to-do’s that have trickled down from our overarching goals.

[6:25] Charlie touches on the importance of having a prioritized, manageable quantity of yearly goals to reach for.

[17:59] Q2 from Jeremy is about what you can do to get over a bad day.

[18:20] Q2 Answer — We tend not to take advantage of the freedom we have as entrepreneurs: sometimes you need to evaluate if there is anything you can do.

[22:45] When you get into a funk, move around some stagnant things but stay away from big decisions, email conversations and social media.

[25:05] Q3 from Corey is how to scale a team if you don’t have the immediate funds.

[25:40] Q3 Answer — You need a business audit to target the aspects of your workload that people could take on to free you to go out and generate more money.

[37:07] There is a measure of trust you need to have in your business growth potential, a fear of failure will hold you back.

[40:06] Every small business should look at financing options, you might need to leverage your revenue against a line of credit at some point.

[44:00] Thank you to Cheryl, Jeremy and Corey for contributing to this Q&A with their insightful Qs.

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