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109: No One Size Fits Every Influencer with Jason Van Orden

109: No One Size Fits Every Influencer with Jason Van Orden

In today’s episode, Jason Van Orden joins me and shares what he’s learned about influence and helping others become top influencers in their field. Given that we often teach what we most need to learn, we also discuss what his work has revealed for him and the surprising tensions that have come up for him on his thought leadership journey. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[00:48] Charlie introduces Jason, summarizing his vast experience teaching and studying the psychology and strategies used by successful internet influencers.

[02:12] Charlie opens up the discussion with Jason about what influence actually is, and how it differs from manipulation.

[06:57] Because of hyper connectivity and information overload, people need to step up and become influencers in order to facilitate the organisation of knowledge in meaningful ways.

[12:06] How the increase in individual generated content on the internet (“noise”) forces people to find their own unique voice, and fosters creativity.

[18:12] What are some of the first steps to take when people want to come out as an influencer?

[22:00] The difference between analytically understanding someone and understanding them emotionally.

[27:30] Oftentimes, we teach about the things we really need to learn — Charlie asks Jason how teaching about influencing is helping him.

[31:03] The more experience you gain, the more challenges you take on and the more you end up dealing with the imposter syndrome — you need to cut yourself some slack and move through it.

[40:45] Jason shares how he was recently reminded of the importance of being engaged and continuing to innovate, even if change is intimidating.

[48:15] There is little talk about sufficiency in business — where your business meets your needs and doesn’t need to continuously grow and scale.

[50:20] What is the most surprising or unanticipated challenge Jason is currently facing?

[53:40] Remember that you need to be okay with the fact that there will not be a one size fits all answer and that you need a strategy that fits you.

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