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Productive Flourishing
107: Q&A #3: Success Packs, Goal-Setting, and Leadership Lessons-Learned

107: Q&A #3: Success Packs, Goal-Setting, and Leadership Lessons-Learned

Angela joins me for this Q&A to discuss how to form a success pack, how to brainstorm your goals, and the biggest leadership lesson I’ve learned in business. We made the switch to Angela joining me on this because it’s way more fun doing these with someone else and you’ll soon hear how much better the answers are. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[0:47] Clean up your Inbox with SaneBox!

[2:20] Q1 from Kat is on how to form a success pack.

[4:55] Q1 Answer — Make it super easy for your guide, have a clear project, have a clear goal, show why they’re relevant, and then be clear in what you’re asking them to do.

[14:56] Charlie’s tip on finding a guide for your success pack — make sure you have an aligned mission with that person, otherwise they shouldn’t even be your guide.

[15:32] How to find a peer for your success pack.

[20:08] Q2 from Shanna is on how to brainstorm your goals.

[22:17] Why mind mapping is a great tool, especially for creative people.

[25:51] Q2 Answer — Separate the creative mess from the analytical processing, and recognize it’s going to take multiple passes.

[32:14] Q3 from Patricia is on the biggest leadership lessons Charlie has learned in business.

[32:42] Q3 Answer — Biggest lesson Charlie has learned is how to be authentic and transparent with teammates and the value of giving positive feedback.

[38:36] How having a feelings-conscious business means you have to be ready to have a conflict-free business at the same time.

[42:24] Thank you to Kat, Shanna and Patricia for contributing to this Q&A with their insightful Qs.

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