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Productive Flourishing
105: Your Art Leaves A Mark with Arna Baartz

105: Your Art Leaves A Mark with Arna Baartz

In today’s episode, Arna Baartz joins me to share her journey, from a child of creative parents to an artist who teaches people to become more emotionally intelligent. Along the way, we discuss how she weaves in being a mother of 8 children, and her discovery and exploration of the art of Kundalini. Ready? Let’s do this! 

Key Takeaways:

[0:48] SaneBox can help sort your mail for you, so email can finally make sense again!

[1:50] Find out more about Arna Baartz.

[3:19] How did growing up in an artistic family influence Arna’s artist career?

[9:56] Arna talks on the art of Kundalini, how she found her way to it, why she calls her art Kundalini, and other sources of her artistic expression.

[18:25] Arna embraces the mistakes that happen in her art―instead of trying to cover them up. She explains why!

[24:55] What is emotional intelligence to Arna?

[26:34] Why would we want to become more emotionally intelligent?

[31:42] How does Arna maintain her creative spirit while also running a business and raising 8 children?

[35:41] If Arna could go back to one moment in her creative career and do something different―what would that moment be & what would she do differently?

[37:20] What the one message Arna would like to leave the listeners with.

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Productive Flourishing
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