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103: Create Art That Doesn’t Need a Signature with Srinivas Rao

103: Create Art That Doesn’t Need a Signature with Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao returns to The Creative Giant Show to jam about his new book, Unmistakeable: Why Only Is Better Than Best. We dive right in and discuss how ‘only’ isn’t enough, how the myth of easy creativity keeps us from doing our unmistakeable work, and the neurotic creative process the Unmistakeable Team goes through to ship their work. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[00:52] SaneBox can save you hours of time by sorting your email for you!

[01:55] Introduction to Charlie’s guest, Srinivas Rao.

[03:05] There are two main drivers from Unmistakeable - Srinivas unpacks these concepts.

[05:45] Ask yourself, “What is the emotional response that I’m trying to elicit from an audience?”

[07:00] We’re at an inflection point in our history where we have the ability to approach things as artists, and be more expressed and personal in what we create.

[07:30] There’s an odd paradox - the barrier is so low, yet the bar is so high.

[09:10] What motivates folks that don’t need to work to keep working?

[11:58] How many days should you invest in something before you should quit?

[13:02] At first we make our habits, and then our habits make us.

[13:18] What is meant by deliberate practice?

[17:20] It’s not that hard to be third string.

[19:30] Srinivas walks us through his personal and company’s creative processes.

[24:15] The secret to winning every time is to calculate expectations and exceed them.

[25:49] Frequency is a key to becoming unmistakable. How does Srinivas thread frequency and quality into his process?

[28:00] Which principles from the book does Srinivas find most challenging to practice?

[31:39] Srinivas shares his hardest challenges of writing long-form content while writing the new book.

[36:03] What is the one thing that Srinivas wants listeners to take away?

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