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099: How to Make Better Learning Experiences with Breanne Dyck

099: How to Make Better Learning Experiences with Breanne Dyck

Whether we’re content creators, managers, leaders or customer service reps, we’re all in the teaching business. Breanne Dyck joins me again, to continue the conversation about making better learning experiences that work for our learners and work for us. Hint - it’s not about the content.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:04] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #99.

[2:04] Breanne joined us on episode #30, which is definitely worth listening to.

[4:53] Let’s talk Before and After Infobesity [aka information overload].

[11:57] Breanne is experimenting with Facebook Live right now & shares tips on how to get people to take action after a video.

[15:12] Breanne explains Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.

[16:48] How to get into that higher level learning zone in the quick slices of time we have available.

[24:31] It’s not about content, it’s about context and what you’re gonna do within that context.   

[29:27] What’s the next wave in the online space? 

[35:20] Do’s & don’ts of the current state of learning. Breanne shares many insightful tips here.

[46:47] Let’s talk about problems consultants run into and transmedia content production.

[55:18] Pick up a game, teach it to someone & have fun, because it’s the best vehicle for learning how to make learning work. 

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How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead

Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

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