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097: You Can Be More Than One Thing with Dusti Arab

097: You Can Be More Than One Thing with Dusti Arab

A common growing pain for Creative Giants is the pressure to be just one thing in the world. To just be a doctor or a writer or a programmer or CO or whatever it is. The truth of it is that we’re all multi-dimensional, so resisting that only leads to us living less rich lives. Dusti Arab joins me today to share her Creative Giant journey and how she’s weaving it all together.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:14] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #97.

[2:16] Learn more about Dusti Arab, the CEO and Creative Director of thinkCHARM.

[4:29] How Dusti got started in Copywriting and secured her first gig.

[7:50] The difference between copywriting and ghostwriting.

[12:55] Dusti talks Princess Parties.

[16:54] Dusti shares her brand story.

[20:25] Let’s talk 3-5 years from now.

[23:34] People put too much pressure on themselves to meet these arbitrary deadlines.

[25:49] Dusti’s biggest and most unanticipated challenges.

[31:19] Changing gears is OK!

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