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095: Grow and Communicate In a Creative Partnership

095: Grow and Communicate In a Creative Partnership

There are two myths about being a successful creative that get us into a lot of troub. One, that doing it by yourself is better and two, that having a creative partner would make life so much easier. It turns out that neither is true, at least for most people. Leah Heinz and Naz Murphy join me today to discuss how their uncomfortable friendship is the source of their personal and professional growth. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[0:52] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #95. 

[1:58] Charlie introduces Leah & Naz, co-founders of The Connection Effect. 

[4:59] The story of how Leah & Naz started a business together.

[13:08] Realizing there are individual differences in the way one works in the world.

[24:08] Recognizing growth moments and overcoming challenging times. 

[31:20] How to have a great business relationship and face the differences in any relationship.

[37:55] Reconciling your different money stories in a business partnership.

[44:33] The beauty of a creative partnership.

[49:17] Being outcome-focused and individual shifts in energy can be helpful with switches in responsibilities.

[57:56] Changing their brand name from The Ripple to The Connection Effect.

[63:59] Leah and Naz offer a key piece of advice on having a creative partnership that works.

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Productive Flourishing
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