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Productive Flourishing
094: How to Pick Yourself and Put Your Art Out There with Seth Godin

094: How to Pick Yourself and Put Your Art Out There with Seth Godin

Today’s episode is a rerun of one of my favorite episodes, episode 3 with Seth Godin. We’re doing a rerun today for several reasons: 1) I wanted to share some of our past episodes, that were fantastic, with new listeners who may not have scrolled all the way to the bottom of the episode list to see this one; 2) I think it’s time for everyone to reconsider how they’re not picking themselves; and 3) I wanted to remind people who are thinking about putting their art out there, whether their art is a podcast, a blog post, a book, a new initiative at work, music, or whatever - that it always amounts to just putting it out there and then doing it again. We have come a long way with The Creative Giant Show, so much so that the audio and my discomfort in this episode makes me cringe, but the chief thing is that we started and I’m so grateful for everyone for sticking with us. As always, I hope the content and the example help you pick yourself and get your art out there. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:37] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #94.

[2:54] Find out the story behind episode 3 with Charlie’s mentor from afar, and long-time hero Seth Godin.

[8:32] How to Pick yourself.

[16:17] Seth asks - “What are you going to do tomorrow that’s going to make you more connected to what you’re doing today?”

[18:14] What it takes to be a genius. 

[19:51] What was it about The Icarus Deception that scared Seth?

[24:50] Why people are afraid of being successful. 

[30:06] Seth believes one way we get in trouble is by misunderstanding success.

[32:47] How to use a given feeling to motivate yourself.

[35:35] Seth’s final words of wisdom.

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