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Productive Flourishing
093: How Sitting with Stillness Catalyzes Growth with Kristoffer Carter

093: How Sitting with Stillness Catalyzes Growth with Kristoffer Carter

While a lot of career paths aren’t linear, Creative Giants in particular often seem to have dramatically, nonlinear career progressions. One of the reasons for this is that we’re often actually pursuing multiple passions or growth edges at once. Kristoffer Carter (K.C.) joins me today to share his journey from a corporate sales guy to creative powerhouse and back to a corporate catalyst for mindfulness. It’s a wild journey but that’s a bit par for the course with K.C. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

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[1:58] Who is Kristoffer Carter (aka K.C.)?

[4:42] How did Charlie challenge K.C. when he thought he had to quit his job at the Good Life Project?

[8:48] What is Kriya Yoga and how has it helped K.C. focus on the good?

[11:53] K.C. on his spiritual practice, his meditation teaching, cumulative deposit and compounding return. 

[15:18] K.C. talks about having had 3 jobs and realizing that he doesn’t need to be “all these things to all these people.”

[19:28] How does K.C. negotiate those over-reaches?

[21:52] Time to go on a spiritual sabbatical! K.C. shares the story.

[24:50] K.C. shares a little bit about the time he took a sabbatical.

[29:45] If he only had to choose one of the 3 core programs from the Camelot Culture Group, which one would K.C. focus on and why?

[32:16] What about what K.C. is going through right now most terrifies or challenges him?

[34:12] Looking back, what did K.C. think was going to be really hard that turned out not be as difficult as he thought it would be?

[35:37] K.C.’s main message from this episode.

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Productive Flourishing
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