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092: Be More With Less with Courtney Carver

092: Be More With Less with Courtney Carver

The pursuit of happiness is often tied to the acquisition of more stuff. But we should instead be asking how the stuff in our lives prevents us from being happy, creative and connected to the ones we love. Courtney Carver, from, joins me to discuss how simplicity and minimalism is a path to love and freedom. It’s not about letting go but getting back. She also prompts me into reefing about why we need more diversity in the productivity and minimalist spaces. So you might find that interesting if you’ve ever wondered about it. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:06] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #92.

[2:10] Who is Courtney Carver?

[3:42] How did Courtney’s journey toward simplicity and minimalism work for her?

[6:03] What is meant by minimalism & simplicity in the context of today’s discussion?

[9:49] Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge. Courtney elaborates.

[16:40] “If I let all of that go, then who am I?” is a scary question that can surface when you dig deep enough.

[21:19] Courtney believes that simplicity is the way back to love.

[23:41] What to do when you can’t buy yourself out of your suffering. 

[30:27] Women vs. men in the simplicity/minimalism space.

[33:22] Women vs. men in the productivity space - is there a problem?

[40:03] Minimalism is not about giving up, it’s about getting back! There is a lot of ‘getting rid of things’ but it’s to make space for the things that you care about.

[43:28] Looking for that inspiration to spark the start of your minimalist journey and wondering where to start?

[46:10] Courtney’s one message for listeners: simplicity will bring you back to love if you give it a chance.

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