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091: Be Brave and Listen Within with Andrea Lee

091: Be Brave and Listen Within with Andrea Lee

It’s easy for coaches to not walk their talk. Especially, since we are so focused on transformation and transitions. While the outcome of transformations and transitions are great, the process isn't comfortable for anyone, including the coaches who facilitate said growth. Andrea Lee joins me today to share her transition from one of the top pioneering business coaches to a blank_er_ slate as a humanistic writer. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Thank you to SaneBox for sponsoring episode #91.

[2:07] Who is Andrea Lee?

[5:49] Back to 1998 and how Andrea’s career transpired.

[8:40] What’s changed in the coaching world from the client’s perspective? Andrea weighs in on the pros & cons.

[10:37] Back to 1998 and what happened after Andrea got hired as a customer service rep.

[12:15] What is the life time membership model created by Thomas Leonard? What happened to this lifetime membership after his passing?

[15:11] One of Andrea’s main takeaways after Thomas’s passing is that every day counts

[17:37] How did Thomas’s passing propel her towards becoming a thought leader?

[20:23] What about sabbaticals between Multiple Streams and Thought Partners?

[24:43] Andrea’s piercing thoughts right now!

[28:10] Andrea speaks to the tension that she describes as “a big giant co-dependence mess”.

[33:54] A discussion on resetting relationship dynamics and resetting our own understanding of how we relate to the world.

[38:45] Andrea feels very clean and settled about her essence.

[40:30] Have you read “In The Name of Identify” by Amin Maalouf?

[44:16] How is Andrea’s Rubik’s cube spinning for her right now?

[47:16] Andrea is writing something else right now but it’s very raw at the moment. She shares more about this new work.

[51:49] What’s the most unanticipated challenge Andrea is facing right now?

[54:06] Andrea’s main message is to be brave and listen within.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Thomas Leonard

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, Book by Andrea J. Lee

Tara Gentile’s Quiet Power Strategy

In The Name of Identity, Book by Amin Maalouf

We Need to Talk by Andrea J. Lee

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