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089: Build From What You Have with Sonia Simone

089: Build From What You Have with Sonia Simone

Think about what comes to mind when I ask you to think about a marketer or sales person. Be honest! Did you think of a smart, soft spoken, insightful woman? If not, I hope today’s episode changes that for you. Sonia Simone is a marketing trend setter and founding partner of Rainmaker Digital, formerly Copyblogger Media. Throughout our conversation, she reveals how a risk averse, introverted and insanely curious writer became one of the leading voices in digital marketing today. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:03] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #89.

[2:17] Charlie introduces Sonia and her line of work.

[4:22] What is it about marketing that got Sonia involved?

[6:34] There is an invisible aspect of digital marketing. Sonia explains.

[8:01] Sonia has always approached marketing from the content marketing perspective, even before there was a word for it.

[10:25] Marketing and selling are learnable skill sets; you don’t need to be born with them.

[12:29] Every human being on this planet has a certain set of assets and a certain set of constraints.

[15:28] Barriers are a lot easier to step over in digital platforms.

[18:39] Sonia walks us through her journey from corporate to Copyblogger.

[25:22] Sonia speaks on folks out there that sell business advice based on the fast outliers.

[28:58] Sonia likes Chris Gilbo’s flavor of entrepreneur teaching because it includes a big minimalist component. 

[32:06] Sonia talks on Clay Collins’ vision of being a business owner.

[34:10] “What’s the shortest line between me and a cheque?” - Naomi Dunford

[36:40] Internet Marketing for Smart People vs. Nice People!!

[39:49] Sonia has been highly focused on values lately.

[44:10] Naomi writes 85% of the things she says in her podcast Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer, which she has been her primary focus lately.

[48:34] What’s the most unanticipated challenge Sonia is currently facing?

[52:05] Sonia’s final words of advice: “Be honest about your own set of Legos and don’t try to build somebody else’s thing.”

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