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087: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway with Michelle Bushneff

087: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway with Michelle Bushneff

As uncomfortable as it is to make big changes in life no matter what those changes are, fear kicks into overdrive when you’re changing great careers and great jobs. Michelle Bushneff joins me today to share her purpose-filled pioneering journey from software companies to Athleta to her own consultancy and now back to more full-time positions. We explore the difference between passion and purpose, second acts and the changing realities of being a woman in today’s business world. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:03] Charlie tells us a little bit about Michelle Bushneff.

[3:52] Which two common threads have bound all of Michelle’s different projects?

[6:13] Michelle has played an important role in using emerging media & technologies to give women a voice, but also to serve women better.

[7:00] Being a part of helping to shift dynamics in the business world in terms of women & leadership roles.

[8:03] What are some of the biggest shifts Michelle has seen in terms of new and emerging opportunities for women?

[11:56] Social media as a personal publishing platform has had such a huge impact for women.

[13:31] The distinction between passion and purpose.

[17:14] What is Michelle passionate about and what is the purpose behind it for her?

[18:37] How did she know it was fear that was holding her back in her career? How does the fear come into play for her?

[21:38] Michelle is not a fan of her awful commute but it’s OK because where she’s going serves her purpose.

[24:55] What elements in Michelle’s work have been out of her passion or purpose box?

[27:48] Michelle talks on her journey of taking a leap from Athleta to consulting to now working full-time.

[32:55] There are always tradeoffs in life! 

[33:52] Figuring out how there was a better way to go about fulfilling her purpose.

[36:52] Michelle shares advice on staying real.

[40:49] Michelle shares how all the inspiration out there has infused her with inspiration.

[43:08] Having humility and a lifelong learner mindset and embracing it.

[45:46] The more diversity you can bring into an environment the more potential there is for something exceptional to happen.

[46:31] What is the most unanticipated challenge Michelle is currently facing?

[48:29] Michelle wants people to stay purpose-focused and not be afraid to take some leaps.

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