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085: The Masks We Wear Influence the Lives We Live with Dr. Atira Charles

085: The Masks We Wear Influence the Lives We Live with Dr. Atira Charles

Each of us wears a different mask every day, whether that mask is being a mother, a creative person, a brother or a manger. Knowing when we’re wearing the right one and which ones not to reveal, is key to our success and happiness. Dr. Atira Charles joins me today to jam about how the mask we wear relates to authenticity, vulnerability, productivity and stress. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[0:54] Charlie tells us a little bit about Dr. Atira Charles.

[2:19] Dr. Charles speaks on wearing many different masks in life and how that relates to our sense of identity.

[4:23] There are different ways to wear a mask and we can be or not be aware of whether we’re wearing one or which one we’re wearing.

[5:01] Dr. Charles gives an example to explain what she means by “a mask” and how that can set different expectations.

[6:41] People are so reactive that we’re not pro-active.

[7:46] We’re either self-defined or auto-defined. Dr. Charles explains the difference.

[9:54] Identity can be a source of affirmation and pride or it can be a source of threat. But different identities can exist at the same time.

[14:14] How can we analyze the mask we are wearing and determine if it’s the right one for us at a given time?

[19:06] There is a fine balance between transparency and vulnerability.

[23:48] What are the most valuable and emotionally charged masks we can wear?

[28:47] Masks are not something to hide and conceal. It’s about when to wear which ones.

[29:52] What are the emotional and psychological consequences of having a creative thirst that’s never quenched?

[33:31] Charlie and Dr. Charles discuss instant gratification and how it relates to self-identity.

[37:26] In any situation certain identities we have, no matter what space we’re in, are who we are. What are your unwavering self-identities?

[39:20] How can a manufactured urgency for insatiability come from external pressures?

[41:05] Have peace about where your stage is because all comparisons are not equal.

[44:40] What’s the most unanticipated challenge Dr. Charles is currently facing?

[46:41] The one thing Dr. Charles wants everyone to take away from this episode.

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