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084: Changing Directions Isn’t Failing with Laura Neff

084: Changing Directions Isn’t Failing with Laura Neff

Something we don’t talk about enough is that many entrepreneurs and small business owners realize being in that space isn’t necessarily right for them. Sometimes it’s about business models and market trends, and yet other times it has nothing to do with those external conditions. But given that being an entrepreneur or small business owner is a core way of understanding their place in the world, it can be hard to take the next right step for them without feeling shame, grief, frustration or anger. Laura Neff joins me today to share what she has learned as someone who stepped away from one small business she started and grew; and is potentially stepping away from her current one into something bigger and better. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

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[2:13] Charlie tells us a little bit about Laura Neff.

[4:46] How did Laura get to the point of realizing she may not be going down the road that’s going to flourish her the best?

[7:58] Charlie loves teams and achieving goals in a team format.

[9:45] One of the #1 core values Laura has noticed people have in common is freedom.

[11:46] Charlie’s #1 rule for insight: whenever you come up with an ‘either/or’, realize that it’s a false dichotomy.

[13:57] What has Laura realized is so appealing about going back to a corporate structure?

[17:29] Why is it not so simple to know what you want to do? Laura explains.

[22:44] Laura believes in the next couple of years we’re going to see a bit of an ‘exitist’ from the solopreneur/entrepreneur online business space. Charlie agrees!

[26:21] Laura embraces the organic unfolding of what’s to come and not knowing what is next.

[31:51] Laura describes a mental image of the organic unfolding she speaks of.

[34:03] What is the one main message Laura wants listeners to take away?

[34:36] Laura’s challenge for listeners is to get real.

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