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077: How to Capture the Everyday Wow with Cynthia Morris

077: How to Capture the Everyday Wow with Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris joins me today to jam about creativity, talent and Capturing the Wow that comes up as we travel through our days. This is a particularly good episode to listen to if you’re at the beginning of your mastering journey with a creative form, whether that form is writing, painting, music, programming or blogging, or any other creative form. Also, if you just found yourself feeling paralyzed by trying to cater to all of the voices out there that might judge your work. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[0:57] Charlie is delighted to introduce us to Cynthia Morris.

[2:51] What is a ‘Medium-agnostic creator’ and how did Cynthia get to owning that title?

[7:21] Charlie gives a shout out to Corey Huff, who teaches how to sell your art online!

[9:41] How does Cynthia manage the tension between letting her creativity play out in the moment vs. making it better or something ‘for show’?

[14:01] What kills creativity and authenticity?

[18:35] The element of surprise is a really powerful aspect of life that makes life fun & enjoyable.

[20:51] What kind of tension exists between creative surprise and trust?

[22:25] What about Cynthia’s art does she think is pretty cool?

[24:13] The main takeaway from this conversation: Give yourself some space to play & explore!

[24:36] Charlie and Cynthia discuss different levels of consciousness about one’s own competence.

[27:41] What sort of tension exists between solo creativity vs. social catalytic creativity?

[28:43] How can we be our most authentic selves when we’re making and sharing our work?

[31:18] What is the concept of “Capture the Wow” all about? Cynthia explains and outlines 3 of the capture tools she has created. 

[38:48] Cynthia shares an example of how she recently used Capture the Wow.

[40:38] Cynthia’s creative challenge for this week.

Mentioned in This Episode:


Books by Cynthia Morris:

  • Create Your Writer's Life

  • Chasing Sylvia Beach

  • Go for It: Leading Tours for Fun and Profit

  • The Graceful Return

Capture the Wow

Original Impulse

Art as a way, Book by Frederick Franck

Corey Huff on How to Sell Art Online

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