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076: Good Strategy Helps You Make Better Choices with Tara Gentile

076: Good Strategy Helps You Make Better Choices with Tara Gentile

What does depression, strategy, financial intelligence and specialization, all have in common? They’re all related to choices. In the case of depression, sometimes feeling like you don’t have any. They’re also topics Tara Gentile and I jam about. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[0:53] Charlie is delighted to have Tara on the show again. She also joined him on episode 27.

[2:21] How did Tara go from a career in an academic track, to being an entrepreneur? How did her depression affect her path?

[9:03] What are some of the links between creativity and depression?

[11:24] How might not expressing yourself lead to the feeling that you’re denying an important piece of yourself?

[14:30] How might the hunger you get as an entrepreneur have a positive effect on depression?

[18:26] Tara talks on her ongoing struggle with having to say no to things in order to create what she really wants in the future.

[23:13] Charlie and Tara discuss how people’s ultimate goals & what they really want right now often don’t match up, which ties into the importance of choosing to not choose.

[29:05] How can you stop business burnout from happening by focusing on things that matter? What is The Content Delusion? 

[32:48] What questions does Tara ask when she comes across new tactics, methods or strategies? How does experience tie into this?

[36:41] What are some frameworks that allow people to say yes or no very easily? 

[42:18] Tara wants to know how Charlie handles the shame that comes up when analyzing what hasn’t worked in the past with his clients.

[48:00] A lot of the insecurity and fear that comes up with creative entrepreneurs stems from not looking at the books, plans, and strategies.

[49:33] Tara talks about the DailyWorth, which offers financial and career advice for women.

[52:27] Tara and Charlie discuss predictability and ‘game changers’. 

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