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071: Managing Your Money is a Creative Process with Luna Jaffe

071: Managing Your Money is a Creative Process with Luna Jaffe

Most people don’t put managing their money and being creative together. Especially since one seems to be what you have to do, whereas the other seems to be what you get to do. But managing your money is a creative process and whether you like it or not, it’s an emotional process too. Luna Jaffe joins me today to share how she has incorporated her work as an artist into her work as a guide for people to improve their relationship with their money. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

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[1:55] Charlie tells us a bit about Luna Jaffe and her work!

[3:51] What was it like to jump from being a psychotherapist to being a financial planner?

[7:53] What were some clear visions Luna had that seemed super crazy? What happened when she pursued them?

[9:56] How does Luna maintain momentum & at the same time does quantum shifts?

[14:19] What’s been 3 lessons Luna has had to learn all over again?

[18:02] Luna’s thoughts on going from being solo-oriented to community-oriented.

[22:40] Luna’s suggestions on how to visualize & think about your relationship with money.

[26:14] What are some surprising or unexpected things she has seen with people & their money?

[30:07] Any good coach is asking good questions & encouraging people to understand things at a deeper level.

[33:24] What’s been harder to do with Sacred Money Studios that didn’t turn out to be that hard?

[38:28] What’s it like to go through the highs & lows of running her businesses?

[44:55] What’s the most unanticipated challenge Luna is facing right now?

[48:35] What’s the one thing Luna wants the listeners to take away from this episode?

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