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069: How to Build Your Mentor Group with Jeff Hopeck

069: How to Build Your Mentor Group with Jeff Hopeck

Mentors often make the difference between us successfully finishing the stuff that matters and just thinking or dreaming about it. This is especially the case for young adults and new entrepreneurs, who often times get so much well meaning, but bad advice from other people who’ve never gone where the ‘would be mentee’ is trying to go. Jeff Hopeck joins me to jam about the value of mentors and some ways to go about building your own mentor group. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Charlie tells us about Jeff Hopeck’s background.

[3:25] Jeff talks about his work and how he ended up being an entrepreneur.

[8:00] Jeff discusses how he ended up on the Howard Stern Radio.

[9:30] Jeff lets us know how Killer Shark was born.

[11:15] Why do so many entrepreneurs fail out of the gate?

[14:15] Focus on the growth and the pathway to there, not necessarily the destination.

[14:45] Why is it important to have mentors at a young age?

[17:20] Charlie asks Jeff how he went from a Marketing Degree to the US Secret Service.

[19:30] Jeff shares with us the pathway he took to get him to the place where he is today.

[21:45] Jeff tells us about Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principals.

[23:50] Charlie and Jeff discuss Jordan Agolli from Episode 56.

[27:55] Align yourself with people who don’t question whether you will be successful, but help you to figure out how you’ll be successful.

[28:20] How would young people go about finding a mentor?

[28:38] Jeff outlines how he chooses the different mentors in his life.

[33:30] What is the #1 huge piece in choosing a mentor.

[37:53] Jeff shares two “Anchor Posts” on his website:

  1. 13 Questions I think Entrepreneurs Should Constantly Ask

  2. 9 Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (and Usually Repeat)

[40:00] Jeff discusses the importance of aligning with your ethical and spiritual core values.

[42:45] Young people need to have a vision. Start formulating now.

[48:00] What do people get wrong when choosing a mentor?

[51:58] Where is the best place to discuss questions with your prospective mentor?

[55:30] Jeff unpacks his most unanticipated challenge with Killer Shark.

[57:30] Get a solid road map of the areas of your life and start developing mentors in every area.

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