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064: What Will You Stand For This Year? with Jeffrey Davis

064: What Will You Stand For This Year? with Jeffrey Davis

You were probably in the goal setting mode for 2016 or maybe you just want to set the right goals. It turns out that making great goals is often a matter of asking the right questions. Jeffrey Davis and I think a particularly good question is, "what will you stand for, this year?" and that's what we're jamming about on this episode. This isn't about fighting against something but rather standing up and standing for something. You are writing a story, so you might as well think about what you want to include in that story. Ready? Let's do this!

Key Takeaways:

[01:04] Jeffrey Davis joined Charlie on episode 7: "Don’t Be an Idea Thief"

[03:56] Jeffery thinks creativity is our biological and even spiritual impulse

[04:33] One way that we're creative – we connect dots and find patterns 

[07:04] We can be selective about our public story and still remain authentic

[09:02] Jeffrey on putting forth the story you want to own

[12:47] Stories can serve as windows and as mirrors

[14:04] Jeffrey and Charlie discuss creativity and authenticity

[17:16] Shaping the larger story of what you're about can be a really creative endeavor

[20:46] Wanting to re-enter a story and the importance of the back story

[23:45] What are the values or ideals that are driving us? 

[24:25] Jeffrey talks about Paul Zak's research on the neuroscience of the narrative

[27:11] Examples of ideal-driven companies that own their brand stories

[34:25] Think about your core story, your legacy, and what you want to be known for

[36:16] "Your brand is the total emotional experience that people have with you or your business"

[37:05] Jeffrey on what it means to be a thought leader

[39:01] Charlie on looking retroactively and asking, “what have I been standing for?”

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