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Curating our top posts turned out to not be as easy as you’d think. Our favorite posts and our most popular posts weren’t the same. You get both for now.

These posts were our most popular when Productive Flourishing was self-hosted on Wordpress. I’m quite sure they’ll change now that we’re on Substack. How? You’ll let us know. :)

Our Favorite Posts

How to Be a Productive Powerhouse Using Time Blocking
Time blocking is an effective way to think about and organize each day. Learn about the kinds of blocks and grab some tools that will help you use the idea.

The 12 Challenges of Creative Giants
Do you have the vision to see how the world might be, the courage to act, and the capability to actually change the world? Then you’re a Creative Giant.

Effectiveness Is All About Managing Your Time, Energy, and Attention
Thinking solely about time management? Try thinking about effectiveness instead by managing your time, energy, and attention.

Build Daily Momentum Using the 10/15 Split
The 10/15 Split is a simple check-in/check-out process that allows you to build daily momentum in a peaceful way.

How to Referee Your Project Cagematch (and Unveil Your Values and Priorities)
Working through a project cagematch shows not which projects and goals are most important, but which values and priorities are most important.

Chunking Your Projects Down Helps Get Them Done
Chunking your projects down into manageable parts is a critical step in moving from idea to done.

When to Swallow Your Daily Frog
When is the best time to swallow your daily frog? First thing in the morning, because the day can't get any worse.

How Heat Mapping Your Productivity Can Make You More Productive
Knowing and understanding the 10 types of demotivation and how to recover from them can keep you creative, productive, and happy.

Good Self Care Is the Foundation of Flourishing
When you're in a place of overwhelm, it's easy to forget to check in with yourself. Ask yourself these questions to prioritize your self care.

12 Simple Ways to Be More Present
Learning to be present cures a lot of ills and prevents them from happening in the first place. Here are 12 simple ways to be present — some are even fun!

Our Most Popular Posts

How to Recover from the 10 Types of Demotivation
Knowing and understanding the 10 types of demotivation and how to recover from them can keep you creative, productive, and happy.

Maven, Connector, or Salesperson: What’s Your Archetype?
Knowing whether your archetype is a maven, connector, or salesperson can help you play in the genius zone and get better results with less effort.

The 3 Key Ideas from Aristotle That Will Help You Flourish
What leads people to flourish and have "the good life"? Aristotle pondered this millennia ago and provided 3 key insights that will help you flourish, too.

The 4 Steps of the Creative Process
The truth is that almost everyone has creative potential. What separates good creatives (or dormant creatives who get lucky) is that they've learned how to walk through the creative process, which isn’t the mystery that it’s sometimes made out to be.

7 Ways to Write Better Action Items
Better, clearer action items make it easier for you to do your best work. Learn how to write better action items for your to-do list and start getting more done today!

The Four Levels of Communication
Are you communicating with people at the right level? Increase your connection with others by understanding the four levels of communication.

How to Identify and Remove the 4 Different Types of Leeches
Learn how to identify and get rid of the various leeches (aka toxic people) that come into your life.

The Four Key Dimensions of Business
There are four key dimensions of every business: strategy, operations, finances, and marketing. Learn how to get a grip on these to better run your business.

What’s the Difference Between a System and a Process?
Learn, in detail, the difference between a system and a process and why knowing the difference matters for the success of your creative projects.

Which Kind of Expert Are You?
There are two kinds of experts: functional experts and accorded experts. Read on to learn how you can develop into the expect you want to be.

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