The Level Up Retreat

Are you ready for the next level in your career, leadership, or business?

Want to make sure you get there in a way that is sustainable and in alignment for you and the life you want to live?

Yeah, we thought so. 😊

The Level Up Retreat is designed to accelerate your journey. Tailored for executives, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers, the experience guides you to articulate the game you're meant to play and assemble the pieces to shift into playing that game day-to-day.

So, what does “next level” and “level up” mean?

Silly question maybe, but we think it’s one we need to address from the jump.

When you hear next level and level up we hope hustle culture and toxic work environments aren’t what come to mind, but we know it can be.

What we mean when we say next level or level up is actually the complete opposite of hustle culture and toxic work environments.

Here’s what leveling up has looked like for past participants (and it can look similar or completely different for you):

  • Setting course on a brand new career path.

  • Learning that with x & y in place you are able to retire many years earlier than you had thought possible.

  • Increasing your reach in your current market or a new one in fun and meaningful ways.

  • Finding a better balance of work and health and family that still provides well for you.

  • Setting up your business for succession.

  • Finding better team alignment that leads to more profit with less work hours needed.

  • Better utilizing the support team that you have so that you have more time to spend on your 10x work.

  • And, the list goes on….

Think of yourself in a place where work and career, family, health, and other important areas of your life are balanced in a way that gives you a holistic, thriving life, all in a sustainable way. That’s what it means (to us) to Level Up.

Join us for our third Level Up Retreat on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic from February 3 - 9, 2024.