What Happened to the "Learning to Play a Song" Series?

A while back I started a series on “Learning to Play a Song.” Those who were following that may have noticed that I haven’t done anything with it for a long, long time. What happened?

After doing some brainstorming about what to write about, it quickly became apparent that I had way more content than I had time to write about for this blog while keeping other content flowing. In one of my more wise fits of judgment, I decided that the content stretched this blog too thin.

I really enjoyed thinking and writing about it, though, and right about that time Steve Pavlina did an excellent review of Site Build It! that touted the service as the way he’d create a webpage if he had to do it again. I checked the service out, did a little thinking, and decided it was the format for all of the content that I was yearning to get out.

Sidebar: I’ll not spend too much time talking about Site Build It! (SBI!) in this post, but I do want to plug that I really think it’s the best way to start a website that you intend to make money off of. The tutorial they provide, the tools, and the lively, helpful forum have increased my knowledge and page creation ability tenfold, and I credit the service with the improvements that I’ve made on this blog. If you’re at all interested in creating a successful, highly profitable webpage, I encourage you to check out SBI!’s Sitesell Homepage.

That series has been transferred to Become-a-Musician.com. If you visit, you’ll notice that a lot of it is still under construction, but I add a few pages a week. Please stop by that site if you’re interested in that series.

I’ll be writing more about SBI, as the process has inspired a lot of different ideas that I’d like to share. Hands-down, I think it’s the service and process that has the best Return on Investment of time and money if you want to create a webpage. I know I said that above, but it’s such a great opportunity that I think people should know about. Again, you can check it out here.

If you liked this post or are interested in following my discussion of SiteBuild It!, please consider subscribing to my RSS feed. SBI! is simply too good of an opportunity for you not to hear more about it. Thanks for sharing your time with me.

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