The Small Business Lifecycle is #1 on Amazon In Its Categories

This week has been a great celebration. As I mentioned earlier this week, my new book, The Small Business Lifecycle, hit the shelves and took off, largely before I was ready for it to. Surprise success … I’ll take it. :)

It held #1 in its categories on Amazon for most of the week, and, when it wasn’t there, it was in the Top 5. I checked in this morning to see that it was still holding its two main categories and #1 in the “Book” category. I’ll take it!

Small Business Lifecycle Hovering At #1


I was talking to my massage therapist and mentioned that it’s been an intense week. She asked if I was ready for it to calm down and my fast reply was “No.” It’s been intense, but it’s been a joyous celebration and I’ve spent too much of my life deflecting positive attention from myself and my accomplishments. And, fundamentally, you’re powering this success. Being on this side of the publishing fence, I see even more how much the successful spreading of your great work is out of your hands.

So, we’re winning, y’all. Everything that you’re doing is working, and I’m humbled, grateful, and amazed by the support you’ve shown. Thank you.

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Aside: I thought about not sharing this post because I’ve said a lot about it on Facebook and Twitter. And then I decided to practice what I preach and not assume that a reader on one channel is reading other channels.

p.s. We’re still on track to have the physical copies available soon, too. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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