The Change-Maker's Creed

You don’t think we can change the world. I know we can.

You will tell me that I can’t help everywhere. I will show you that I can help somewhere.

You will question, criticize, judge, and hate me because that’s what you do. I will take principled, calculated, and small steps forward because that’s what I do.

You will show me the statistics, charts, and numbers that show I’m not changing anything. I will take the genuine smile and relief of others as a sign that I am.

You will make individual people doubt their gifts and you will tear at the seams of commonality that bind us. I will rally, inspire, and lead others by building on the common bonds of our humanity.

You will focus on what I can’t do or should’ve done. I will focus on what I can do and what I am doing.

You will condemn me when I rest and scold me when I gain. I will take care of my needs and graciously take the gifts I receive along the way.

You will continue thinking that to share is to lose. I will find that to share is to gain.

You will wait for the right moment, opportunity, or permission to act. I will open the door and see serendipity waiting for me.

You will remember and catalog my mistakes. I will remember the lessons I’ve learned from experience.

You will let your fear and worry keep you safe and secure on the sidelines of history. I will carry them with me, knowing that there is more to life than sitting comfortably by the fire.

You will reach your final days and see that your inaction and dissuasion were a series of choices you wish you could change. I will be spent but proud of the flourishing life I lived, making this journey better for others.

I am changing the world. Lead, follow, help, or get the hell out of the way.

This is a wake-up call; I will ring again. Take your first step toward doing epic shit and be the change you want to see.

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  1. Archan Mehta says

    Hey there, Charlie:

    Yup, this is a dang good mission statement.

    Bless your heart for trying to make a positive difference to our world: your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us.

    “Lead, follow or get out of the way,” reminded me of Ted Turner, CNN owner, who achieved success despite obstacles.

    Your sojourn through life is like a one-man show, but we are here to support ya, buddy.

    Just you wait and see, your day will come too. It is just a matter of time. Be patient and reach for the stars that light up the night sky. Be gentle with your own self.

    And, when the chips are down, go easy on yourself. No sense in getting upset: this too shall pass. And we’ll be cheering for you!

  2. says

    B/c you are changing there is already a shift happening. Look at this tribe you have built. The naysayers, well that’s their business and they can remain there while the rest of us change shift and be of service.

  3. says

    Love it! God, what powerful writing, Charlie….

    I especially loved this line: “You will let your fear and worry keep you safe and secure on the sidelines of history. I will carry them with me, knowing that there is more to life than sitting comfortably by the fire.”

    It’s easy to be a back-row critic and have your say from the back where it’s all safe and you can sound clever by espousing theories. Theory doesn’t matter on the frontline and there’s plenty of real risk on the frontline. But that’s where the richness and meaning happen too, so I’m hanging out with you on the frontline.
    .-= Cath Duncan´s last blog ..Chatting With Jamie Smart About Goal-Setting =-.

  4. says

    I agree with Cath Duncan and Koren Motekaitus etc and etc this is well written we cannot let the moment to pass forget “the fear”.

    We must sieze the day and move to where we must go. Lots of good comment from we are catylsts of change from people such taking the road less travelled. I think jumping does mean the net will appear. I find focusing on strengths as you point out help (not others) helps with the jump. Jump!

  5. Jen Casey says

    I’m printing this out and am going to force myself to read it every day. Thank you for doing this; it’s important work.

  6. Pamela Day says

    I fucking love this – and even though I have never met you I fucking love you! Big gratitude coming your way.

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