Business Success = Smart Processes + Smart, Committed People

Are you looking for business success?

We help people and organizations take meaningful action on the stuff that matters. That “stuff” could be major growth initiatives, leadership and management development, business process optimization, quality management, starting new businesses or new arms of your current business, or figuring out how to tame a business that’s getting away from you because you’re growing faster than you can keep up.

We have a process-heavy focus in our work. We’ve learned that if we create the systems, processes, and environments that support meaningful action, people naturally and effortlessly follow suit. It’s rare that a person wakes up and wants to have a bad day at work or in their life. We also remind people of the often-forgotten truth that people enjoy working on stuff that matters with people they fit with and we help businesses cultivate and enhance joy, passion, and excitement in their work.

Why, yes, we’re process people who love to have fun and love the work we do. We can’t not help you get there, too.

Teaching is also a heavy component of our work. When people don’t know what to do or how to think something through, it’s hard for them to take effective meaningful action or make the right decisions. Yet we often aren’t taught what to do or how to think and are left to figure it out on our own. We can do better as leaders and employers – and we help these leaders and employees serve their teammates better.

We believe that businesses and organizations should serve the people in them rather than the people serving them. Businesses and organizations are vehicles that support human thriving; if we lose sight of this, people are stifled, frustrated, demotivated, and unproductive. We help people build the types of businesses people want to work in and for.

What we’ve found is that profit comes naturally when you focus on your processes and people. Think about it: profit is a lagging indicator – it’s a sign that you’re doing something right. Focusing on taking meaningful action on the stuff that matters is what creates profit. We’re here to help you find business success and increase your bottom line; we just do so by focusing on how and why you do things. (If you have “Process” vs. “Revenue” mindset, we need to talk.)

You now know what we’re here to do. We’d love to help you do what you do …. better, smarter, more humanly, and more profitably.

How we work with our clients depends on their size and scope:

For Businesses With Fewer Than 20 People

Is your business at the point where you don’t know how to take it forward but it can’t stay where it is? Or are you running as fast as you can but don’t feel like you’re getting any further ahead? Click here to learn more about Business Momentum Advising.

For Businesses With More Than 20 People

We help businesses develop the processes, systems, and culture that better harness the collective brilliance of their creative employees. We offer executive coaching, process consulting, organizational development, planning facilitation, workshops, and off-sites for business teams. Click here to learn more about our services for organizations.