Business owners and leaders, would you like to …

  • Improve the way your business goes about achieving its strategic goals?
  • Address some of those enduring “bump in the rug” or “Catch-22” scenarios that you’ve yet to be able to resolve?
  • Stop barely being able to keep up with the fires in your business so you can actually build a better future?
  • Increase profit consistently and strategically rather than earning more but seeing less or being caught in the feast/famine cycle?
  • Feel like you’re actually providing the leadership your team needs and being an effective executive/entrepreneur – and actually get to see your family, friends, and other people you care about?

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs on exactly those areas of focus. I help people build businesses that work better – for them, their teammates, their customers, and their ecosystems.

Along the way, I’ve written a best-selling book that shows how to navigate the different life cycles of business growth, given scores of presentations to business owners in a variety of settings, and shared strategies, methods, and techniques for making better businesses.

My clients get the edge no one else gets, though: we co-create individualized strategies, plans, and innovations that push them to the top of their industry. Each engagement is different because each person, team, or business that I work with is different. No one wins with cookie-cutter strategies except the people who sell them.

But more than making those custom blueprints, I partner with my clients to see that they’re implemented, adjusted, optimized, and integrated into their business. We then usually move on to the next-highest-leverage opportunities or core strategic challenges, ratcheting our level of success in each successful completed project.

If you’re at the point where you know you either don’t want to figure it out by yourself or want to achieve your goals faster, I’d love to see what we can create together.

For Small Businesses, Microbusinesses, and Startups

Is your business at the point where you don’t know how to take it forward but it can’t stay where it is? Or are you running as fast as you can but don’t feel like you’re getting any further ahead? Click here to see how I can make your business work better.

For Organizations

I help businesses develop the processes, systems, and cultures that better harness the collective brilliance of their creative employees. I offer executive coaching, process consulting, organizational development, planning facilitation, workshops, and off-sites for business teams. Click here to learn more about our services for organizations.