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Featured Product

Epic Launch PlaybookEpic Launch Playbook ($197) – Launch Your Offer the Right Way (For You)

Don’t just launch an offer – have an epic launch! The Epic Launch Playbook breaks down how launches work so you can pick the launch play that will work best for your business and goals.Read more.

Solutions to Help You Become More Creative, Productive, and Motivated

Email Triage ($10) – Never Get Sidetracked by Email Again!

How much more of your great work can you get done when you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down in email? Email Triage is a multimedia solution that comes with a guided audio program, an ebook, and reference cards to help you institute a proven framework to manage your email inbox and get more done. Read more.


Premium Planners ($22) – Convert Vision into Meaningful Action

Creative people thrive when they plan how they’ll use their creativity. An expansion of our popular free planners, the Premium Planners include planners for blog posts, specific projects, and action planners so you can start finishing the stuff that matters. Read more.



Living The Good Life ($28) – Exploring the Heart, Mind, and Soul of Business

Staying creative, productive, and inspired isn’t easy when you’re trying to grow a small business, and there’s more to life than getting stuff done. This narrated set of the most influential, loved, and shared pieces from PF’s history helps you realign heart, mind and soul with the plans, systems and processes. Read more.


Momentum Kickstarter Kit ($47) – Get More Creative, More Productive, and More Motivated!

Get some serious momentum going in your business and life with three of our most popular products in one bundle. When you align creativity, productivity, motivation, and consistency, amazing things happen. Read more.



Solutions to Help You Get Better Business Results

The Small Business Lifecycle: A Guide for Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time to Grow Your Small Business ($3.99–$8.99)

This book, available in both digital and print versions, outlines the five stages of business and will show you where to focus your resources now so you can grow your business strategically. This succinct and accessible guide will get you realigned, re-focused, and ready to gain momentum in your small business. Read more.