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There is a lot to digest here – almost 800 posts and counting dating back to 2006, useful freebies, digital and physical products, services,  and a lot more – and we get how hard it can be to find your way around if you’re new here.

You probably found us because you’re a Creative Giant. Rest assured, you’re in exactly the right place! What is a Creative Giant, you ask? The short answer is that “Creative Giant” is our term for creative entrepreneurs with a compassion-fueled bias toward action.

We talk about Creative Giants a lot because we are Creative Giants ourselves. Our clients are Creative Giants. Basically, we’ve been around Creative Giants for a while now, and we’re starting to understand more deeply how we tick.

If you still don’t buy that you’re a Creative Giant, see for yourself over on the blog post Stand Tall, Creative Giants.

Here at Productive Flourishing, we specialize in a few specific areas. You’ll find our top 3 blog posts below within each category where we feel we have something truly valuable to offer.

Start by picking the category that interests you most and then orient yourself with our pillar content. From there, choose your own path of learning based on what you need to know when you need to know it! And don’t forget to take a breather. There is a LOT here, so chunk it down into manageable pieces – we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


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Take Action Bonus: Practice your abundance mindset.

Thought Leadership

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