Lead the Dance with the Universe

I was talking to a client the other day who kept making references to the Big Project that came her way that would radically change her trajectory. All she needed was just that one Big Project and then she would start doing some of the things that were closer to her genius zone.

I listened and heard her – I’ve been there before myself. In some ways, I’ve spent the last few years there when it comes to the book project that I’ve now put on hold while I focus on the book that’s out there.

It’s easy to wait for the Universe to initiate things. The Big Project that comes our way, the publisher who might pick us, the influential benefactor who sends attention our way, the promotion, the unexpected lottery or windfall – all of those things that, if we just had them, would make things so much better for us.

Here’s what I’ve learned about dancing with the Universe: very rarely does she initiate the dance. She’s a wonderful partner, but only when you lead. And then all of a sudden it seems like those things happen.

What she does do is present a lot of opportunities for you to dance. Sometimes these opportunities are the hit-you-over-the-head kind; other times they are the whispers that you have to pull out of her. But every day, they are there – you just have to pay attention and lead the dance when you hear the music start.

As I’ve written before, luck is one of the three fundamental elements of our lives, along with history and intention. If an opportunity to dance is in front of us and we choose not to do so, we cannot claim to be unlucky. If we decide that our history defines us when an opportunity to dance is in front of us – this normally manifests in “I can’t because I have to” language – then we cannot claim to be unlucky.

And if we withhold our weirdo selves from the world and wait for some fortuitous event to share what we’re waiting to share, we’re not leading the dance with the Universe.

Show up in a different way. You are not your past. Get up and take care of your people.

To alter Virgil’s statement that “Fortune favors the bold,” the Universe favors those who lead the dance with her. (Click here to share this via Twitter. Thank you!)

Lead the dance with the Universe. Listen with the ears of your soul to hear the music playing.

Today. Where you are. With what you have.


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  1. says

    A beautiful reminder that also brings to mind the power of baby steps. Because taking one little step when I’m stuck, almost always leads to more steps. And then I’m back in the dance. And now I’ll put it out there:

    Universe, may I have this dance?

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