How to Get Rid of the Tabs in Your Gmail Inbox

Changes in the web version of Gmail may mean you’re not getting the information you signed up to get.

They’ve recently added tabs for Primary, Social, and Promotions. Their “smart” algorithms filter everything that looks like a mass sent email to promotions, but there are probably plenty of things you don’t want hiding in a Promotions tab. (And, of course, I hope the stuff we’re sending you via email is stuff you want to get.)

To ensure that you’re getting the emails you actually signed up for, follow the instructions below. It’s inevitable that with any system, you’ll have to perform some maintenance from time to time to keep it up and running the way you want it to. The quick screencast below shows you how to do it if you prefer to see it done.

Steps to ensuring you continue receiving the emails you want

  1. Navigate to settings option in your Gmail account. It’s nested underneath that tool-looking icon on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Select the Inbox tab
  3. Deselect all inbox categories except for primary
  4. Hit save

If you would prefer to segment your inbox, you can always pull the desired emails from the promotions tab, or whatever tab it lands in, to the Primary inbox and when you’re prompted whether or not you always want the message to land in your primary inbox, select “yes.”

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