Follow-up: Lifehack: Personal Productivity in the 21st Century

I commented (again) on Dustin’s article Personal Productivity in the 21st Century over at Lifehack. His question was regarding whether there is another model for personal productivity systems besides “cranking widgets.”

I replied:

I think we have a working model and it’s just difficult to quantize. The model I have in mind is something like “Did I add value to the knowledge currently available?” It’s quite inchoate at the moment, but there are a few ways we can evaluate that answer:

  1. Did I increase the amount of knowledge we currently have?
  2. Did I correct a problem with the knowledge we currently have?
  3. Did I explore the open logical space and demarcate dead possibilities so that others either don’t follow or at least know what they’re getting into?
  4. Did I come up with a novel or better way to understand the knowledge we currently have?

There are obviously many more ways to specify how we have added value to the knowledge we currently have, but maybe this is the way to go.

Disclaimer: I made some minor editorial changes to this quote.
The reason I’ve brought this up is not because I want to double my exposure. The real reason is because I’m insanely interested in this issue and I’d like to blog, comment, and think about it some more.

Anyone else interested in this?? Do you think there’s another model besides the ones currently on the table?? If you’re interested, please comment and extend the discussion.

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