Contact and Frequently Asked Questions

We love when real people contact us. Ask questions. Tell us we’re wrong. Just say hi.

And before you send a question, we’d love it if you’d take a look through the FAQs, below. You might be able to find the answer you need there, and then we all can spend a few more minutes finishing the stuff that matters rather than hanging out in email.

There are several ways to go about contacting me.

  1. Email support AT ProductiveFlourishing DOT Com.
  2. Use the form below.
  3. Call us at (971) 248-0677.
Fill out my online form.

Any of the routes above get to me, although 1 and 2 typically have faster response rates. We normally get back to people within 2–3 days.

Want to send snail mail? Send it to:
Charlie Gilkey
6735 SE Reedway St
Portland, OR 97206

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tailor your Planners for my specific needs?

We’re so happy you’re excited about the planners and being creative about how you might use them in your widely varying businesses and your lives!

In order to keep the price point of the Planners as low as possible, we aren’t able to accommodate requests for individual edits or changes. We encourage you to experiment with the Planners to discover what works best for you, and to be open to noticing what works and trying something new when you notice what doesn’t. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to use the planners – they are a tool for you to use and make your own.

Have you ever thought about making an Outlook or GoogleCalendar extension for your planners?

We currently don’t have plans to make independent solutions for Outlook or Google Calendar. If that ever changes, we’ll let you know!

What do you recommend using to keep up with all the loose planner pages?

I’ve found that two options work best, depending on how much you use your planners. The simplest option is a physical folder that holds the longer-term views (annual, quarterly, monthly, and maybe weekly) on the left-hand side and the more detailed views on the right-hand side – that way you can always balance the long-term views with the short-term views at a glance.

The second, more organized version is to use a three-ring binder. This allows you to more easily sequence the planners, but it does require more flipping.

Start with the simpler scenario first. It’s easier to know what’s working for you when you aren’t working so many different things.

I’m wanting to start a business and am wondering what you think about it. Can we talk about it via Skype, email, or phone?

We’re glad to hear you have your thinking cap on. Keep working it!

The most appropriate way for us to discuss your business idea is through consulting or coaching. It takes a high degree of attention and expertise to give you sound business counsel, and that’s precisely what we get paid to do.

Do you accept guest posts?

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to feature many great articles written by amazing contributors! However, due to time constraints and our own creative processes and obligations, we are not currently taking on any new contributors or guest posts.

Can I send you my ebook/product/thing for review? Do you want to be an affiliate for my ebook/product/thing?

I am so grateful for your invitations to participate in what you’re creating, as reviewer or affiliate. Between my own creative processes, product promotion cycles, and the existing relationships with colleagues, I usually have a review and promotion backlog. This means that it is highly unlikely that I will be able to review, promote, or be an affiliate for your product.

You are welcome to still send your ebook/product/information to me, but please know that while I am grateful for your interest, I cannot respond to all of the inquiries and invitations. I do, however, wish you the utmost luck and success with your products and projects!

Will you write a guest post for my website / participate in an interview / submit an article for my ebook / participate in my telesummit?

Please send all invitations via email to our team at (support [at] productiveflourishing [dot] com) with as much information about the invitation as possible. Here is some of the information that can help us determine what will be a good fit and whether I’ll be available to participate:

  • The kind of participation you are seeking (Please be specific — for example: guest post, audio interview [how long?], written interview, in-person speaking gig, hour-long class for a telesummit, etc.)
  • Any relevant dates and times
  • Other participants you’ve invited and the people who have confirmed their participation
  • Who your audience is
  • The size (or anticipated size) of your audience
  • The topic(s) you’d like me to speak or write about

I’m going to be in Portland soon. Can we get together for coffee / to chat / to pick your brain?

I want to be able to say yes to every invitation, and in the past, I’ve tried. One of the things I’m learning is that in order to serve my community to the best of my ability, I have to put some boundaries around the number and frequency of invitations I accept. If you’re going to be in town, please send an email to support (support [at] productiveflourishing [dot] com) with a couple of dates and times that would work for you to get together. Please know that if I’m not able to meet with you, it isn’t because I didn’t want to – it’s just a matter of balancing all that I’d like to do with my commitments.