Carie Harling Shares a Video About Our Planners

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Carie Harling recently picked up some Premium Planners and was inspired to share a video about them with her community. She did something I’ve been half-meaning to do for years now, which is share what each different planner is and how it relates to the others.

It’s a well-produced video and walk-through that you might like to check out:

I mentioned above that I’ve been half-meaning to do a video. The reason it’s only half is because I’ve always been careful about how much I’ve told people how the planners are to be used. I built them such that they open themselves to whatever makes the most since to you. They’re meant to give some structure, not a straightjacket.

For instance, Carie mentioned at 6:57 that the number lines for the objectives on the Monthly Action Planner correspond to the numbers on the individual weeks. That’s a great way to think about it. At the same time, some people use them just to keep track of their five most important projects for that week.

Regardless of how you might want to use those numbers, if you have objectives listed up top and none of the projects during the month relate to those objectives, that’s a sign that something is askew. You either need to align your objectives and your projects, or change one or the other. That is, unless you want to get to the end of the month and be frustrated that you either didn’t get where you were wanting to go or had a lot of motion but no progress.

I spoke with Carie after I found out she recorded and shared the video and she’s intending to share some filled out planners since her community asked about that, too. I’ll update this post when that one’s ready, and if you’d like to learn more about what she’s up to, check her out at Dispatches from the Frat House. (“Frat House” because she’s a mom to 7(!) boys. And a professional creative. And a jewel.)

If you’d like to see how another video of how someone’s using our planners, check out John Corcoran’s story. And I’d love it if you click to tweet this post out to your followers. Everybody can use some planning mojo.

As always, I’d love to know how you’re using them, too. Drop a comment below or reply to this message (if you’re get email updates) to share your story with us.

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  1. Hillary says

    Your system always intrigues me and I’ve used it in pieces over the years. I love hearing how she uses this. Very helpful.

    I wonder if you have ever considered creating a digital tool. I have such a hard time committing to and keeping up with a paper system.

  2. says

    This was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this. I just have one question – how do you print out the planners to fit an A5 filofax? Mine print out as regular 8 1/2 x 11 so they don’t fit into my filofax and I would love it if they did.

    • says

      Hi Maribeth, You should get able to get them to print A5 if you adjust your print settings. Try going to Page Setup in your print settings and choosing A5.

  3. says

    Great video! I’m still struggling with planning. Between working full time at a regular job, working on my art both the production and the marketing of it, trying to keep up with my online presences, and taking care of family members, I feel like a hamster on a wheel. There must be something I’m just not getting!

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