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If you’re like most people, you love getting stuff done.

The thrill of completing work that matters — and succeeding at what you set out to do — is electric.

But… lots of folks still struggle to finish what matters most to them.

What gives?

Over my last decade of teaching and coaching, I’ve seen three obstacles to success come up consistently:

1. Busywork takes priority over “real” work. The management practices you’re used to can all too easily make you unfocused, overwhelmed, and anxious about what’s happening right now. There’s too much coming in too fast… and simply keeping up seems to displace “real” work. (Who’s going to reply to that email if you don’t??)

2. Scheduling is straight-up broken. How most people schedule and manage their work simply isn’t working. Putting out fires and frantically blocking out your calendar in tiny chunks when you’re behind on a goal prevents you from making genuine progress.

3. Ideas aren’t translated into action. Loose ideas stay in Good Idea Land — a beautiful, but rather sad place — instead of becoming doable, broken-down projects that make it onto your schedule. Good ideas don’t make the world better. Good ideas put into action do.

The Momentum Kickstarter Kit includes 3 carefully created tools and strategies that help you overcome these 3 common challenges.

  • I’m not even close to being a technological luddite. But given all the devices and apps I’ve, am using, might use in the future, etc., etc., I’ve never been able to fit into a productivity method. GTD, Franklin Covey, Nozbe, whatever. All great. All useful to varying degrees. But, I had to rewire how my brain worked in order to get the most out of them. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, but I always experienced friction after about a week or two. But I discovered the Momentum Planners this morning and immediately my brain exclaimed, “YES!” I bought the 2016-2017 planners, uploaded them to Office Depot and had them print everything on premium paper. I’m ready to go! Might I experience friction with this system? Maybe. Maybe even probably. But this system doesn’t require me to rewire my thought process. It fits the way I think already. And it’s like a breath of fresh air.
    Gregory P.

Stop Running Down the Wrong Roads…


Doing your best work requires adaptability.

Some days you need more structure, some days less.

But regardless of your daily structure, your work has to align with your goals.

As the German proverb goes, "What's the use of running faster if you're running down the wrong road?"

… And Put Yourself on the Right Path


The Momentum Kickstarter Kit is a bundle of digital products that fit together to support your journey down the right road. You’ll find yourself finally acting on the ideas that keep you up at night. (Bonus: you’ll sleep better, too.)

Here's what you'll get:

Email Triage


Email Triage helps you dropkick your Inbox into something manageable so you're focused on doing your best work rather than worrying about what's lurking in your Inbox.


Momentum Planners

The Momentum Planners Bundle includes a full year’s worth of our popular digital Momentum Planners and the purchase-only Annual and Quarterly Momentum Planners. These fillable and printable PDF planners help you fine-tune the amount of structure you need to fit your work.

Start Finishing Your Projects

Start Finishing Your Projects is our top-rated multimedia course that shows you how to convert those loose ideas into doable projects that you can finish.

  • Justine Smith <br>
    Okay, so I only had about 10 minutes to work on [Email Triage] without distractions and I STILL CLEARED HALF MY INBOX! It was at almost 1000 emails so I am feeling so much better. I have no doubt they will all be tackled by the end of the day and my stress will be GONE. This is one of the best purchases I’ve EVER made! (and I’ve made a lot!)
    Justine Smith
  • Robin Scanlon
    I am so glad I found [Start Finishing Your Projects]! It offers a fabulous methodology to getting projects done, as well as highlighting the trips and traps that lie in wait. Charlie is a great presenter whose manner is inspiring and positive.
    Robin Scanlon
  • Denise Ransome
    My day job is a project manager. I know how to get things done for my clients, how to organize projects, how to motivate a team and keep people on task. When it comes to my personal work, not so much! After two hours with Charlie's process I was able to get really clear on how to start taking care of my own project. It’s magic!
    Denise Ransome

3 Tested Tools to Help You Surmount 3 Stubborn Obstacles


Why did I bundle these particular tools into the Momentum Kickstarter Kit?

Because the challenges of scheduling, prioritizing, and execution are never separate from each other.

What good is a clean inbox if you’re not getting the right stuff done?

What good is space in your schedule if you don’t know what to do with it?

And what good is a well-thought-out project that you can’t make time for?

Yes, you could buy all three products separately. But since they work so well together, why not get them all at once and ensure you’ll have everything you need to conquer these challenges once and for all?

Not only do you get all these resources at once in the Momentum Kickstarter Kit, you get them at a discount.

Rather than spending $12 for the Momentum Planners, $10 for Email Triage, and $29 for the Start Finishing Your Projects course — a total of $51 — you can get all three for $39.

You save over 20% if you buy all 3 tools at once in the Momentum Kickstarter Kit.

NOTE FROM CHARLIE: The Momentum Kickstarter Kit also reflects the spirit in which we made these three products. Since the beginning of Productive Flourishing, we’ve been systematically creating products that address people’s biggest needs and help them get past their toughest challenges.

First, I noticed that the noisiness of email was preventing folks from thinking about the future. So we created Email Triage.

But then people needed some support weaving future-building into their schedule, so we spent years honing the Momentum Planners to help them do so.

Finally, people needed help managing their newfound space and possibilities, so along came Start Finishing Your Projects.

  • Sam Hunter
    I was so thrilled to find out that I could easily implement Charlie's methods to a stalled project, and finally get it under way with a clearer view of getting it finished. He looks at the entire picture - not just what need to get done, but an honest analysis of what could get in the way too. This methodology is the first I've used that makes me feel like I have a realistic grasp on what I'm doing, and what I need to get done. Grateful!
    Sam Hunter

Not Doing Your Best Work Comes at a Cost


And the sneaky thing is… you might not notice that cost for a long time.

Not doing your best work won’t take dollars from your bank account. It won’t reach out and grab that last tasty tuna roll from your sushi platter.

It probably won’t even keep you from making a liveable income and enjoying yourself when you feel like it.

But it will infuse you with unease, keep you up at night, and make you wonder “What if…?”

Make a $39 Bet on Your Own Success


What would it be worth to you to get that one big goal accomplished that you've been struggling to get some momentum on? (I know you’ve got at least one, you big dreamer, you.)

For less than the cost of a massage, a video game, or a fancy dinner with drinks, you can get the resources you need to unlock your creative and productive momentum.

All of our products are designed to be easy to use, get into, and implement. We’ve even built in some follow-up prompts to help keep you on track and using the products.

We know these products work, so we want you to use them regularly. We’re here to help you with that.

If you want to kickstart your momentum today, grab your Momentum Kickstarter Kit by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.