Right now, you have some challenge or opportunity in your business that you know you need to address or seize. And it’s not some new challenge or opportunity, either — it’s something you’ve known you need to work on for a while.

Somehow, rolling up your sleeves and working through it seems to keep sliding to the backburner. Or even when it’s on the frontburner, the project is cooking you rather than you cooking it.

If you know it’s time for you to make time to get it done, join us in our next Momentum Sprint program.

It's Time to Get Focused

The Momentum Sprint program is a 12-week business growth program for 12 people that focuses on getting a business momentum acceleration project (MAP) planned, created, shipped, and assessed. You’ll be guided to choose a MAP that’ll generate or save $15k in the next 12 months.

“Momentum acceleration project” (MAP) is intentionally broad, but here are some example projects to give you an idea of the kind and scope of projects we’ll be working on:

  • Creating a webinar that shares your proprietary framework/special sauce
  • Creating a content upgrade that helps you actually start the list-building you’ve been meaning to do
  • Writing a job description for the VA or teammate that you’ve known you needed for months
  • Developing the service program or product you’ve not quite known how to put together
  • Launching a new podcast, group, or creative project that’s slid to the backburner for years
  • Figuring out how to make a core business process (like scheduling, payment, and invoicing) easier so you don’t keep dropping balls
  • Reworking and streamlining your about page, core pages, and social media profiles so they’re all on message and up-to-date
  • Writing or finishing that book proposal so you can start shopping it around

You probably noticed that all of these kinds of projects have something in common. You know, deep down, they are mission-critical unlock keys for your business, but you keep avoiding them... because you don’t know how to effectively get them from your head into existence.

They’re also the kinds of projects that may be stumping you because there aren’t any “paint by number” programs, courses, or books that show you what to do. You’ve got to get in there and figure it out and doing that is daunting as hell.

The 12-Week Momentum Sprint Process

The core of the Momentum Sprint program is the 12-Week Momentum Sprint Process. It has four key phases — Plan, Create, Ship, and Assess — shown below.

12-Week Sprint

Let’s look at each phase in turn:

  1. Plan - The Plan stage starts with problem-solving and opportunity-identifying rather than just picking a bright, shiny object to work on. We’ll work through the challenges and opportunities in your business and decide one project would make the biggest difference. Then we’ll decide what success in that project looks like and make a plan for what you need to create to be successful with the project.
  2. Create - Since we’ll have a solid plan in place, we’ll roll right into creating whatever needs to be shown to your audience, customers, or team. The key here is that we’re creating a prototype, minimum viable product, or mock; it’s intentionally enough to show, but probably not the polished, finished asset.
  3. Ship - By “ship”, we mean “showing your work to whoever needs to see it.” If it’s a product or service, you’ve got to get it in front of potential customers or clients. If it’s something internal to your business, you’ve got to implement it in your business and/or with your team to see if it works. It’s not shipped if it’s just created but not shown or implemented. But to ship your work, you’ll probably also have to do a lot of getting what you create put on websites, polished, promoted, and so on for you to get enough data to see whether it worked.
  4. Assess - Rather than just “spraying and praying” with your project, we’ll assess whether it actually worked and iterate, amplify, or eliminate as necessary. This also means going back to your customers, clients, and team to get their feedback.

The 12-Week Momentum Sprint Process is circular because the Assess phase often rolls into another Plan phase; rarely is a project a dud due to the rigor of the initial Plan process. But projects often have different outcomes than we expected — many times, a lot better outcomes than we expected — and assessing will illuminate new opportunities and challenges in your business to address.

Each phase is 3 weeks long. Why 3 weeks? It’s long enough to get through the phase, but not long enough for procrastination, perfectionism, and stall outs to kick in. I’ve learned through my many years of working with entrepreneurs and changemakers that there’s a lot we can do in this amount of time and that, if we don’t get it done in that amount of time, it’s probably not going to get done.


We've Got the Experience You Need

I’ve been working with clients on projects like these for going on 8 years. I’ve helped James Clear convert his high traffic website into a passive revenue engine, Susan Piver develop Start Here Now, Live Your Legend transition after Scott Dinsmore’s tragic death, Jeffrey Davis kickoff a group that now feeds his business, and so much more.  These challenges may seem like uncharted territory, but they are old, familiar woods to me, and I’d love to help you finally conquer them.

This is your chance to finally get that project you’ve been meaning to do done.

It’s just going to be you, me, your one “this changes everything” project, and the support and wisdom of 11 other people with a singular focus on getting their most important project planned, built, shipped, and assessed.

One, done, and then on to the next one. Once you’ve been through the process, you’ll be armed with a methodology to continue on with any number of other projects.

Here’s What's in the Momentum Sprint Program

  • The Momentum Sprint is a 12-week business growth program program for up to 12 people. As a Sprinter, you will choose one momentum acceleration project (MAP) and work through my proprietary 12-Week Momentum Sprint process. At the end of the program, you will have planned, created, shipped, and assessed the results of your growth project.
  • While the program is focused on action rather than content, I will share the following frameworks and aids:
    • The 12-Week Sprint Process - you’ve seen the broad overview above, but I’ll show you how to break the four phases (PLAN - CREATE - SHIP - ASSESS) down into doable project. (By the way, a lot of people struggle with ASSESS on their own because they wait until after they’ve shipped something to assess whether it’ll work, but that’s backwards. You consider what success will look like in the PLAN stage, and then you check against it in the ASSESS phase.)
    • The Opportunity Matrix - The Opportunity Matrix is a visual model that shows where the opportunities in your business are by overlaying your offers with your market/audience in a way that illuminates holes in your current business AND shows the relative risk of the different projects you may choose to work on.
    • Lean Business Analysis - This mini-module focuses on three diagnostic tools adapted from lean thinking. The modules focus on finding the waste and process gaps that are dragging your business down. A lot of the time, it’s not that you need to do something new, but do what you do better.
    • The Block Planning Methodology - The Block Planning Methodology shows you how to build a realistic weekly schedule and make sure that you actually have the capacity to do what you’re planning to do. The 12-Week Sprint itself is a test of whether your estimates of your capacity match reality because it gives you one thing to focus on.
  • You will have two 30-minute private consulting calls with me: one before you start building your growth project and another shortly before you ship your MAP. These meetings ensure that you feel confident that you chose the right MAP and actually ship it.
  • We’ll have group virtual meetings on the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th week of the program at critical milestones. You will be expected to “show your work” during these meetings. I’ll also consult with you about key aspects of your project during these meetings.
  • There will be a virtual group hosted on MightyBell (or another group hosting platform). Depending on interest, we’ll facilitate some small mastermind teams and/or create interesting ways for you to contribute support to and receive support from the group.


Results + Praise

  • Kendra Wright
    Charlie is talented in coaching, leading, and inspiring others into swift action in a way that I've never seen before. He will help you cut through the mental clutter you have at a break neck speed and move into strategic, focused, aligned action immediately. With Charlie's help, I was able to: (1) take an idea I had for a course that I had been kicking around in my brain for over a year, (2) launch it, (3) fill all the seats before I even created 1 piece of the course, and (4) and set myself up nicely for the next launch... all in less than 30 days. Before Charlie doing all of that felt impossible. Once Charlie was in my corner...all systems go. He's the best in the biz for a reason.
    Kendra Wright
  • Cory Huff
    I had been building my business on the side for a couple of years and was ready to go full time. I hired Charlie as a personal coach the day I quit my job. He helped me build out a strategic plan for my first year as a full time entrepreneur and it worked out very well. Even better than knowing what to do, Charlie helped me decide what not to do. By asking my insightful questions about what I wanted my business to do, I avoided so much wasted effort. We hit six-figure growth in the first year out of my job because of Charlie's help.
    Cory Huff
  • Jonathan Fields
    Charlie has a wicked genius at catching people exactly where they are – sometimes when they don’t want him to catch them there – and coaxing them into stepping into their fullest potential and then co-creating a doable, understandable roadmap for growth. If you get a chance to work with Charlie, whether in a group or one-on-one, jump at it while you can.
    Jonathan Fields
  • Pam Slim
    If you’ve ever read Charlie's body of work, it’s obvious that he comes with a wealth of experience, tools, and frameworks that helps people focus on what matters, but it’s his warmth, passion, service ethic, and ability to compassionately challenge entrepreneurs that really makes all of difference. I don’t just recommend Charlie to other people – when I need someone to help me navigate my own business’s growth, he’s one of the first people I call.
    Pam Slim
  • Chris O'Byrne
    Before I started working with Charlie, I had a vision of a focused business that could make a difference and actually help people. Unfortunately, I did not know how to get there. Charlie helped me accurately assess my business and clearly define the path to get to my vision. With Charlie’s expertise and tools, I not only achieved my goal, but gained more free time to spend with family and give back to my community. We set a financial goal to double my business revenues by the end of the year. Instead of doubling, my revenues actually multiplied five times!
    Chris O'Byrne
  • Harmony Eichsteadt
    Many of the business leaders I most look up to, call Charlie their coach, and there's a good reason for that. Charlie knows what it takes to get results, and to move people to WANT to take action, and he does that effortlessly whether he's working with one-on-one coaching clients or speaking to a room of thousands.
    Harmony Eichsteadt

Here’s What to Expect from the Momentum Sprint Program

  • If you are actively engaged in the program and “do the work," you will have shipped and assessed the results of shipping one MAP.
  • Return-on-investment will vary depending on audience/network size, marketable expertise, and your choice of project, but I will guide you to choose projects that lead to at least $15k in either revenue or cost-savings within a year of the program.
  • You will learn simple, powerful strategic growth frameworks that you can use over and over again to identify your business’s growth points, challenges, and next-best steps to grow quickly.

How Much Will Your Investment Be?

Right now, my private consulting fees are $9,000 for six months at a minimum. A two-day personal strategy retreat is $7,500.

Your investment for this 12-week immersive strategy execution program is $3,000 or 3 monthly payments of $1200.  

The Momentum Sprint program isn’t for everyone. It’s going to be focused, rigorous, and have a lot of accountability baked in, and some folks just won’t be ready to commit to getting their MAP done. (Sometimes because they’re scared of what will happen if they do. What happens if they set a new high bar to live up to?)

Additionally, we’re looking for team players who are willing to give to and receive from their fellow Sprinters. The collective brilliance and team drive is part of what makes the program work.

If you’re ready to go from idea to done with whatever project that has been beckoning and taunting you, apply to join the next Momentum Sprint below. Once you apply and we start enrolling for the next Sprint, we'll have a 15-minute (ish) no-cost, no-obligations fit call to determine whether the program is a fit for you and you're a fit for the program.


P.S. "Better times" live where leprechauns, unicorns, and time fairies do. If waiting for a better or right time to work on that project - yes, that one that's heckling you right now - hasn't been working, join us in our next Momentum Sprint to make time to work on it. :)