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Given that you’re an Inc. reader, I think you might find these pieces useful:

  • The 3 Goals of Any Business Activity
  • Amidst all of the advice about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to grow your business, sometimes it’s good to focus on the foundations of business growth. That’s what this post is about.

  • The 3Ps of Pricing
  • This piece is a lead to a series on pricing. The 3Ps are perceptions, placebos, and positioning.

  • The Business Lifecyle: An Overview
  • Businesses grow in predictable stages. This piece addresses those stages.

  • There’s More To Your Market Than Current Demand
  • A lot of business advice focuses on market demand, but there’s another component to your market that you need to address to be relevant in the future.

  • The Rebirth Of Entrepreneurialism
  • We live in an ideal time to be creative entrepreneurs and we’re seeing a rebirth in entrepreneurial thinking now that creative people can do what they love and put food on the table without working in a cubicle. This series discusses these changes, why it benefits us, and what you’ll need to survive.

  • Get Up and Take Care of Your People
  • It’s easy to get scared, confused, and stalled in business, but you can’t stay there too long. At the end of the day, you have to get up and take care of your people.

  • Entrepreneurial Success Requires Stamina
  • We often hear that business is a marathon and not a sprint. That quip has more to it than a lot of people think.

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