The Free Planners for March 2012 Are Available

As I’ve said in years past, March can be an awkward transition month. We’re not quite in the thick of spring at the same time that winter is starting to loosen its grip – at least for most of us. March is also the last month in the first quarter, so it’s a great time to take a higher view and look at what you absolutely want and need to get done before the second quarter begins.

Remember, we build tomorrow through what we do today.

Throw your planning mojo into hyperdrive with the full set of 2012 Premium Planners. Head on over to the Premium Planners page to learn more and pick them up.

Monthly Action Planner

Basic idea: Projecting effectiveness further into the future requires a more holistic view of your objectives.
Use when: You’re doing your month planning and review – this planner can be used with either the Productivity Planners or the Freelancer Workweek.
For more information: The Monthly Action Planner

Download: Monthly Action Planner - March 2012 (1563)

Productivity Heatmap:

Basic idea: We are more productive at some times rather than others.
Use when: You’re trying to figure out when you’re the most productive.
For more information: How Heatmapping Your Productivity Can Make You More Productive

Download: Blank Daily Productivity Heatmap (68709)

The Action Planner Series:

Basic Idea: Once you know when you work best, why not plan your weeks and days around that information? Do more work in less time by leveraging your natural rhythms.
Use when: You’re planning your day or week.
For more information: Read the Productivity Planners User Guide (31395)

Daily Action Planner - March 2012 (1156)
Weekly Action Planner - March 2012 (1108)

The Productivity Jumpstarter

Basic Idea: Sometimes we’re running around being busy but aren’t really being productive. This aid helps you stop running in circles and start making meaningful progress on your goals.
Use when: You have no idea what you should be doing and are tired of running in circles.

Download: Productivity Jumpstarter (v.2) (61844)

The Blog Post Planner and Calendar

Basic Idea: Brainstorming and planning your posts ahead of time may help you have a more streamlined, consistent, and insightful blog. Your mileage may vary, but it’s worth a shot!
Use when: You’re thinking about what you’re going to write.
For more information: The Blog Post Planner and Calendar – skip down to “How to Use These Planners” if you don’t need to be sold on why to use them.

Blog Post Planner - March 2012 (639)
Blog Post Calendar - March 2012 (570)
Blog Post Planner-Calendar Set - March 2012 (617)

The Freelancer Workweek

Basic Idea: Some of us work better to task than to time, and we need a planner that addresses how we work rather than making us fit how we work into it. This is a great one for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
Use when: You’re tired of time-based planners and want to get clarity on what needs to be done.
For more information: The Freelancer Workweek – skip down to “How to Use This Planner” if you don’t care about the design methodology.

Download: The Freelancer Workweek - March 2012 (798)


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