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Planners and Worksheets

  • The Monthly Momentum Planner

    Tie your Big Ideas to the projects you need to complete this month, and watch those Big Ideas become reality.

  • The Productivity Heatmap

    Figure out when to work on your creative projects -- and when not to. Work during your peak productivity times and enjoy your time off, guilt-free.

  • The Daily Habit Tracker

    Building new habits? Use the Daily Habit Tracker to monitor your progress. What gets tracked gets done.

  • The Handoff Holder

    Juggling any action items that you need to hand off to someone else? The Handoff Holder is your one-drop shop.

Ebooks and Action Guides

  • Start Finishing Action Guide

    Are you ready to take action on that next great idea? The Start Finishing Action Guide is a step-by-step workbook that will help you go from "idea" to "done."

  • The 10 Pillars of Productive Flourishing

    A GREAT place to start in the library. This is a compilation of posts that give a deeper sense of what Productive Flourishing is all about.

  • Bounce Back: Defeat Demotivation, Face Down Failure, Rule Out Regret

    Are you in a funk, demotivated, or nursing the wounds from a setback? This ebook starts with the uncomfortable reality of where you might be right now and ends with ways you can create a better tomorrow.

  • Rob Lawrence
    Charlie has this unique ability to turn, what can be, creative chaos into a calm and concrete strategic plan. I've been following Charlie for almost six years now and can attest a proportion of my own success directly to his ideas, models, and resources."
    Rob Lawrence

Collaborative Webinars and Inspirational Interviews

  • Making Plans That Work

    The secret to doing your best work is mastering mid-term planning: not the project kickoff, and not its wrapup, but that slog in between, where the real work takes place. Michael Bungay Stanier and I discuss how to master the middle and make plans that actually work.

  • How to Turn Your Best Ideas Into Goals and Successful Projects

    Ever been stuck with an idea because you don't know how to move it forward? In this 30-minute interview, Stephen Lahey and I discuss the steps required to go from idea to done.

  • Small Business and Productivity

    Chris Brogan and I riff about small business productivity, marketing, how small businesses grow, and how to get your business and product in front of the people who need it.

  • Sam Hunter
    I was so thrilled to find out that I could easily implement Charlie's methods to a stalled project, and finally get it under way with a clearer view of getting it finished. He looks at the entire picture - not just what need to get done, but an honest analysis of what could get in the way too. This methodology is the first I've used that makes me feel like I have a realistic grasp on what I'm doing, and what I need to get done."
    Sam Hunter