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Most Planners Aren't Designed for the Way We Actually Work

I’m going to tell you a little secret: most planners don’t get you. Why? They’re designed by well-meaning people who are thinking about old ways of time management — specifically, about setting appointments and meetings in a traditional work environment. The idea seems to be that if you have a place to track all of your meetings, you’re good to go.

Too bad that idea doesn’t fit the way a lot of us work.

To be effective and successful in today’s world of work, being in the right place just isn’t enough – you have to stay focused on the right projects and goals. You need a system that helps corral your creativity and expertise into worthwhile pursuits, rather than into just sitting in meetings, checking email, or getting lost on the Internet. Time wasted is time lost.

You don’t need a system that helps you watch the clock. You need a system that helps you:

  • Keep track of what your big goals and projects are

  • Translate those big goals and projects into action items you can do during the day

  • Plan when you’ll be able to get those action items done

  • Remind you of the progress you’ve made on those goals and projects

That’s a tall order. Luckily, our years of experience, teaching, feedback, and experimentation have enabled us to create planners that meet those needs.

Our Planners Are More Than Just Calendars and Appointment Books

Before I started designing our planners, I loved the idea of having a ready-made tool to help me find a place for all the ideas, goals, and ToDos rolling around in my head, but the reality of them was always disappointing. They were mostly calendars and appointment books, which were useless to me (gee, thanks for duplicating the calendar on my computer; that’s helpful). As I worked with more people whose success depended on being able to convert ideas into finished projects and demonstrable results – leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, programmers, students, change agents, and a host of other creative types – I realized that I wasn’t alone in thinking that the traditional planners just weren’t cutting it. Unfortunately, bad experiences with those traditional planners have led many creative people to think that planners and planning don’t work for them. But here’s a fact: creative people thrive when they plan how they’ll use their creativity. Creative people – whom we call Creative Giants – need planners that support project management and time management, as well as a system that allows them to schedule creative work during peak times. Since I couldn’t find a product on the market that fit my needs or the needs of my clients, I started making my own planners. Soon after, I started sharing them with my friends and readers, and along the way I experimented, revised, added, deleted, and finally developed a variety of planners that help creative people focus on doing what matters when it needs to be done, instead of merely helping them cross stuff off on a list. We’ve been at this since 2007 and our planners have been downloaded over a million times.


Focused Planners for Focused Needs

The Premium Planners are an interchangeable bundle of two more-focused planners:

  1. The Action Planners, which are best used when your work is more time-driven than project-driven
  2. The Project Planners, which are best used when your work is more project-driven than time-driven

The distinctions between the Action Planners and the Project Planners might immediately make sense to you, but you aren’t alone if you’re scratching your head a bit. The chief difference between the two arises from thinking in terms of what perspective best helps you get your work done. Both series help you integrate higher-level goals with runway actions. Both series work equally well for creative people who have a hard time translating ideas into action, and for action-oriented people who sometimes forget to tie their actions to meaningful goals. Additionally, these planners rest on the same basic principles as the Essential Daily Planner, so you’ll quickly get familiar with how they work.

The Premium Planners provide different views of your work because most people need different types of structure at different times. When you’re in your groove, you might not need to worry about time management – you just need to get projects on and off your plate. On particularly busy or stressful days, you might find a time-based structure supportive. This isn’t really an either/or choice; you can have both. So in that busy week, you can slide in a week of the Action Planners to make sure you get momentum rolling. The next week, you can swap in the Project Planners. Your objectives won’t change, so all that matters is that you’re getting the right type of support when you need it.

So What Do the Premium Planners Actually Look Like?

These planners are a visual product, so you need to see them to get them. If you’re interested in seeing how they’re sandwiched together, go ahead and give these planners a look:

Why Buy When You Can Get Them for Free?

We offer limited versions of our planners every month for free, so some people wonder why they should buy the more-encompassing planners when they can just get their planners every month at no cost.

That’s a great question. Here are a few key reasons our planners are worth the investment:

  • Buying the planners will give you a head start on planning your year because you get all 12 months at once.
  • You’ll no longer have to worry about coming back to our site each month to download the latest version. You can do your work without waiting on us to do ours.
  • The Premium Planners include the Annual Strategic Planner and the Quarterly Objectives Planner to help you pull back the lens and get an even-bigger-picture view of your work.
  • We routinely send prompts and follow-ups to our planner customers to help stay them on track. We can’t hold you accountable, but we can help you hold yourself accountable.
  • Most of us are prone to falling into a “someday/maybe” trap about using free stuff. We love free stuff, yet we use what we pay for. Doing the stuff that matters isn’t a “someday/maybe” affair – we make or lose progress every day. How much are all those freebies helping you do the stuff that matters?

Ready to Start Planning for Success Today?

Fantastic. You're minutes away from a new way of thinking through your work in a way that works for you.

The Premium Planners cost $18 $9, which is less than a coffee a month or 5 cents per day. Surely finishing more of your best work is worth a couple of cups of joe a month. (Especially since finishing your best work is probably one of the reasons you’re drinking coffee in the first place!)

Your purchase also comes with some email follow-ups and use tips to help you get the most out of your purchase. Your momentum won't come from just the planners - it's the practice of consistently planning in a way that works for you that counts.

Just a reminder: this is a digital product. You'll get access to your planners immediately.

Click here to get your premium planners now

We’re excited to see how our planners help you start finishing the stuff that matters most to you. Get started today!

Want to See How Other Customers Feel About Their Planners?

Libby O'Loghlin of says: "One of the things about being self-employed is that you have to be your own Boss, Strategist, Research Team, CEO, CFO, HR, PR, Marketing, Comms and Creative Bureau. Throw parenting into the mix, and you realise at some point that if you're not smart about managing time, energy and tasks, you'll end up extremely busy--but not necessarily productive. It took me some time to realise that my style of working in a non-linear fashion is okay, and I just have to be smart about how I do it. I like to think of the Action Planners as the Boss, and I check in with them frequently to stay focused on the tasks and objectives at hand. They're especially great for clarity when working concurrent projects with staggered timelines"

Collette Schultz of Savvy Subcontracting says: "These are absolutely the best planners for my subcontracting biz. It keeps me on task with my own projects and multiple clients. Thank you."

Jen Vaughn says: "I started following Productive Flourishing years ago and tried out the free planners a time or two. Recently when I became overwhelmed at work, I decided it was time to purchase the Premium Digital Planners. Rather than constantly trying to figure out a structure to keep myself organized, I finally realized that someone has already figured out the structure! Charlie provides the structure for me to be super-effective, organized, creative, and pro-active. All I have to do is show up and do the work. I've found the blog planners incredibly valuable. Now that I'm using the planners, I'm finding and scheduling content much easier. Before using the planners, I was struggling to source and find content. With the planners I feel freer to explore. I expected the planners to help me get more organized. I didn't expect the planners to help me feel more creative as well. The planners force me to prioritize and pick what I'm going to focus on. Because I can schedule out for the month, it's also given my bosses more realistic time-frames on when projects will be delivered. That's sanity saving for all of us! If you're thinking of buying the planners, my advice is to do it. You really can start to think longer-term knowing that you have them all there and ready. You can buy the entire year's worth of Digital Planners for the cost of five cups of coffee. It's just $2 per month!"

Laurie says: "These planners are fantastic for folks who work by project/ task rather than hour by hour. And I love being able to break projects down from the big annual picture down to quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and to the time when I work best. Absolute genius."

Kim Robson says: "I've just downloaded the planners. I plan on printing either the annual or quarterly planners for writing down this year's surprises to alert me for 2014. I am setting up my life on paper, and your pages are the best to use in conjunction with my digital life. I am trying to schedule a teacher conference, so I know exactly when I can see her due to the empty slot, instead of trying to mentally fit her in on the calendar. I've decided to limit my "busyness" to five items, with one being appointments, one being housework (which NEVER ends), leaving three for all of those loose ends I create tons of lists to remember. This morning, my boys (11 & 8) dragged their feet, were not prepared for the day, missed the bus, and I had to drive them to school. They know the after school routine, yet, after all my prodding, will not get ready the day before. Now they will start using your weekly action planner to get prepared for school."

Lee P. says: I can't begin to tell you just how much I've used your planners this year. I'm now an Air Traffic Control Support Specialist, in that I'm formulating and designing air traffic plans and procedures. To bring either to fruition, the amount of work involved is significant. Enter your planners. The Project Planners help me keep on task with individual projects, and the Action Planners help me keep up with my other commitments for the day, week or month.

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