Everything You Need To Kickstart Your Momentum


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You may have gotten on a huge productive kick lately only to find that it lasted about three weeks. Or maybe you’ve worked so hard and long during a “push” cycle that you burned yourself out. Or perhaps you’re really on top of your game and want to make sure you stay in the groove.

I’ve seen all three and many other of the ways people fall in and out of their productive, creative groove. And I’ve been helping people get going – and stay going – for many years, both through my coaching work and through our popular planners, books, and action guides. I’ve combined our best products into a bundle called the Momentum Kickstarter Kit.

The Momentum Kickstarter Kit: Aligning The Heart, Mind, and Hands

I created Email Triage way back in 2008 to help people get some peace, order, and flow in their email Inbox. I also had the planners available, and I noticed two patterns from customers and clients:

They’d sit down and get some flow with their email and then would see that they could do so much more, thus naturally prompting them to start planning to create a better future for themselves…


They’d come from the other way around and see that for them to really get some headway in their plans and execution, they’d have to tame the Email Monster first.

The two products naturally fit together that way. But there was a missing piece…

Despite the fact that they had the tools and resources to start getting great work done, they were emotionally Stuck, mentally clouded, or spiritually out of alignment. Email Triage and the Premium Planners were like a pulley, but for a pulley to work, you still have to pull. All the leverage in the world doesn’t matter if it’s not getting used.

They needed something that refueled their motivation, inspiration, and drive. What surprised me was how many of them referenced posts I’d written and said that those posts got them primed to use the tools. So, rather than recreating the wheel, I combined those posts into a seperate product called Living The Good Life.

Living The Good Life, Email Triage, and the Premium Planners together bring the heart, mind, and hands into alignment. And when these parts of you are all aligned and working together, you can get some serious momentum going. It makes the difference between continual, steady Flow or fit-and-start productive cycles and creative burnout.

And then came the Essential Daily Planner

At the end of 2014, I created the Essential Daily Planner to make it easier to get started with our productivity system and to give you a printed AND easy-to-carry-with-you planner. The Essential Daily Planner contains the core elements of our planning methodology and plays well with our more focused Action and Project Planners, as well as our other free tools.

Pulling It All Together And Making It Easy

You could buy all four products separately, but since they go so well together, why not get them all at once? Not only do you get all the resources at once, but you also get them for a discount.

Rather than spending $12 a set for 3 sets of Premium Planners ($36 separately or $22 in a bundle), $10 for Email Triage, $28 for Living The Good Life, and the Essential Daily Planner for $49 – which would total $109 – you can get all three for $79. You save 37% if you buy them all at once in the Momentum Kickstarter Kit.

Summer 2015 Sale: The Momentum Kickstarter Kit is $20 off! Buy today and save 46% on the total cost of the products. We have limited stock of the Essential Daily Planners remaining.

Why the discount? Part of what I help people do is make quick, sound decisions, and I want you to make a quick, sound decision and get what you need now rather than have you sit on the fence for a while about it.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that comes with the Momentum Kickstarter Kit:

  1. Email Triage, a multimedia package that guides you through the process of effectively and quickly processing your email
  2. The All-In-One Premium Planner Pack, which comes with the premium versions of the Action Planners, Project Planners, and the Blog Planners
  3. Living The Good Life, a compilation of the best and most influential pieces that address the heartset and mindset of getting stuff done
  4. The Essential Daily Planner, our new simplified, printed, and easy-to-carry with you planner

For less than the cost of a massage, a video game, or a fancy dinner with drinks, you could get the resources you need to unlock your creative and productive momentum instead. How much would it be worth it to you to get that one big goal accomplished that you’ve been struggling to get some momentum on? (I know you have at least one.)

All of our products are designed to be easy to use, get into, and implement, and we’ve built in some follow-up prompts to help keep you on track and using the products. We want you to use the products regularly because we know they work, and we’re here to help you with that.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don’t love the Momentum Kickstarter Kit, let us know and you’ll get 100% of your money back. Over the last few years of selling products, we haven’t had a single satisfaction-based return, though. Pick up the product and you’ll see why.

If you want to kickstart your momentum today and are ready to get the creative party started, grab your Momentum Kickstarter Kit by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below. These are all digital products, so you’ll get a download link as soon as you buy. Start finishing the stuff that matters today!

Since the 2016 planners are coming soon, the Momentum Kickstarter Kit isn’t for sale right now. It’ll be for sale again by September 4th. Click here to be notified when it’s ready.

p.s. You could wait until later to buy, but how much is your inaction costing you? If you bought today and got an additional two meaningful projects done next week, how much better off would you be? Not deciding is a choice.