Everything You Need to Kickstart Your Momentum

You may have gotten on a huge productive kick lately, only to find that it lasted about three weeks. Or maybe you’ve worked so hard and long during a “push” cycle that you burned yourself out. Or perhaps you’re really on top of your game and want to make sure you stay in the groove.

In any case, you know that doing your best work requires doing three things:

  1. Sticking to projects until they’re done
  2. Working consistently and sustainably – because fits and starts lead to burnout and stopping
  3. Doing projects that line up with your Big Goals

Having a great idea isn’t enough. Working on a project here and there takes forever and can lead to demotivation. And burning the midnight oil as a recurring pattern means you’re burning yourself out.

You don’t need to just do your work; you need to get momentum on your best work.

And that’s exactly what the Momentum Kickstarter Kit helps you do.

The Momentum Kickstarter Kit: A Holistic System for Creating Your Best Work

The thing about doing your best work is that you have to be adaptable with it. Some days you need more structure, some days less. But regardless of the structure, your work has to align with your goals. As the German proverb goes, “What’s the use of running faster if you’re running down the wrong road?”

The Momentum Kickstarter Kit is a bundle of our products that all fit together to support your going down the right road, regardless of whether you’re running or walking. (I prefer trotting, personally.)

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. The Essential Daily Planner — Our simplified, printed, and easy-to-carry-with-you planner. Think of this one as your productivity dashboard.
  2. The Productive Flourishing Premium Planners — The premium versions of our popular Action Planner Series and Project Planners. What’s premium about them? You get the full year’s worth all at once, as well as some variants that are available only to customers. These planners, which are fillable, help you fine-tune the amount of structure you need to fit your work.
  3. Email Triage — Our product that helps you drop-kick your Inbox into something close to manageable so you’re focused on doing your best work rather than worrying about what’s lurking in your Inbox.

You might have just thought, “Wait a second. Why is an email management system included with a bunch of planners?” (You don’t miss much, do you?)

I’m glad you asked. I created the Premium Planners and Email Triage separately, but I noticed two patterns from customers:

Pattern #1: They’d sit down and get some flow with their email and then would see that they could do so much more, which naturally prompted them to start planning to create a better future for themselves…


Pattern #2: They’d come from the other way around and see that for them to really make some headway in their plans and execution, they’d have to tame the Email Monster first.

The two products naturally fit together, so I put them together to best serve you. I don’t want you to do the great work of planning or email triage only to get stuck on the other prong without a tool and some resources to help.

Pulling It All Together and Making It Easy

You could buy all three products separately, but since they go so well together, why not get them all at once? Not only do you get all the resources at once, but you also get them for a discount.

Rather than spending $18 for the Premium Planners, $10 for Email Triage, and $44 for the Essential Daily Planner – which would total $72 – you can get all three for $59. You save 18% if you buy them all at once in the Momentum Kickstarter Kit.

Why the discount? Part of what I help people do is make quick, sound decisions, and I want you to make a quick, sound decision and get what you need now rather than have you sit on the fence for a while. Not-doing your best work has a cost, after all.

For less than the cost of a massage, a video game, or a fancy dinner with drinks, you can get the resources you need to unlock your creative and productive momentum. How much is it worth to you to get that one big goal accomplished that you’ve been struggling to get some momentum on? (I know you have at least one.)

All of our products are designed to be easy to use, get into, and implement, and we’ve built in some follow-up prompts to help keep you on track and using the products. We know the products work, so we want you to use them regularly, and we’re here to help you with that.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don’t love the Momentum Kickstarter Kit, let us know and you’ll get 100% of your money back. Over the last few years of selling products, we’ve had less than a handful of satisfaction-based returns. Pick up the product and you’ll see why.

If you want to kickstart your momentum today and are ready to get the creative party started, grab your Momentum Kickstarter Kit by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below. You’ll get instant access to Email Triage and the Premium Planners, since they’re digital, and we’ll ship the Essential Daily Planner to you. (Free shipping in the US!)

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p.s. You could wait until later to buy, but how much is your inaction costing you? If you bought today and got an additional two meaningful projects done next week, how much better off would you be? Not deciding is a choice.