The Gift of No

Some possibilities show up only after we are told “no.” Guest contributor Molly Gordon’s own coaching practice grew out of the gift of “no” from a flagging wearable-art business.

We’ve all heard countless stories about artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others who created their greatest successes in response to resounding “no’s.”

But in order to engage the possibilities latent in “no,” we need to look at the tendency to avoid asking questions that might generate “no” as a response.

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Love the Ones You’re With: Developing Stronger Relationships

When I shared the Virtual Handshake Method, I mentioned that the strength of a network of relationships is a combination of both the quantity of relationships and the quality of those relationships.

What the Virtual Handshake Method underplayed is that there’s also a threshold beyond which a large number of weak-tie relationships undermines our ability to maintain our strong-tie relationships.

This post talks about why it’s important to strengthen your strong-tie relationships and gives some practical tips for doing so.

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What Every Bootstrapper Can Learn from Basecamp

Earlier this year, Basecamp (formerly 37Signals) announced that they would be slimming down to one product: Basecamp. Doing so meant that they needed to do something with Highrise, their second most profitable and popular product. They ended up making Highrise a subsidiary of Basecamp. You can read more about this at big news for Highrise by Jason Fried of Basecamp.

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Four Ways to Use the Four Boxes on the Daily Action Planners

A common question that people have about the Daily Action Planners is what the four little numbered boxes in the Supporting Tasks, Emergent Tasks, and Daily Schedule sections are supposed to be used for.

While there was an original intention behind the design of the four little boxes, we have heard from many customers who use the four little boxes and the Daily Action Planners in many different ways.

In this post we’ll show you how we use the Daily Action Planners and how others use them as well.

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A Leader’s Job Is To Ensure That Their Team Gets Results

When your involvement stops with the vision and the talking part, your organization can not possibly automatically self optimize to make your strategy happen.

Strategy must have action. Strategy without action is just nice, big-sounding words about things you hope will come true. And action does not happen without executive involvement. Period.

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Manage End-of-Year Stress with the Divide and Conquer Method

If you’re feeling stressed by end-of-the year deadlines at work and holiday madness at home, try using guest contributor Chris Ronzio’s strategic divide and conquer method to keep you organized, productive, efficient, and less stressed.

Chris reveals three tips on how to divide your work and four tips on how to conquer effectively.

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Inaction Stymies Excellence

“Action or inaction are both forms of leadership and standard setting.” – via Seth’s Blog: “This will blow over”.

I love that Seth brings up inaction as much as action. Those times when we, as leaders, fail to say something to support others sets a new standard for what’s acceptable. Those times when we, as leaders, fail to plan and prioritize sets a new standard for how our teams perform.

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