Confidence: Make It. Don’t Fake It.

Today’s guest post is a personal essay from Jeffrey Davis on the merits of this all-too-common business advice: Fake it till you make it.

Jeffrey explores where this advice comes from and in what situations it can be useful. He also explores where faking it can go terribly wrong.

Read through to the end of this well thought-out piece for 5 ways to earn a right livelihood as a business artist without faking it.

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Build Quality Relationships with the Virtual Handshake Method

Imagine that you were to walk into the middle of a busy mall and start randomly shouting about things you’re interested in, what you’re thinking about, and how your day has gone. What do you think the reaction would be?

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A Punch in the Face to Fear

In today’s guest post by Cory Huff, he ruminates on what it takes to flourish as a creative person in business. A self-proclaimed expert at distracting himself in the face of fear, Huff explains how he’s leaned on his own creative strengths and rejected the stuffy business systems thinking that doesn’t work for him in order to succeed in his own business endeavors. Huff shares the “weird rules” that work for him to punch fear in the face for good.

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Four Important Tips for Gaining Traction on the Things that Matter Most

What keeps people from getting traction on the things that really matter? Today’s guest contributor Molly Gordon thinks it has to do with finding the shortest or most direct path to where you want to go.

According to Gordon, the chief problem with trying to find an optimal path is simply that you can’t know what you don’t know. Whenever you set out to create or accomplish something, you project yourself and your desires into an unknowable future. There’s no end to the possible permutations to be considered at every step. Beyond a certain point, the effort you invest in optimizing the path actually puts you backwards.

Then there is the fact that a path is not merely, perhaps not even chiefly, a means of reaching an objective. The nature of what you create or achieve is inextricably wrapped up with the way in which you create or achieve it. A path shapes both the outcome and who you will be when you get there.

If getting traction isn’t about finding the shortest or most direct path to your objective, what is it about? Read more to find out the four keys to getting traction on an important creative project or life change.

Use Batch Actions to Get Through Your Email Faster

Does the sheer number of emails you have in your Inbox intimidate you? If so, you probably have a negative spiral going on – the more you hide from your email, the bigger that pile of emails get, and the bigger it gets, the more you hide from it.

Batch actions will help get you out of that trap because 80% of that email pile can be eliminated very quickly.

Procrastinating on a Writing Project? Use the 300-Words Trick

There’s something about writing that makes it especially easy to procrastinate, even when you’re motivated to do it. An email conversation with a reader got me thinking more about this.

If you’ve ever procrastinated or felt stuck on a writing project, you’ve most likely felt like you don’t have enough time to write or you don’t know what to write about. This trick solves both problems.