Friday Roundup #3: Useful Articles, Books, and Apps

Thanks for the great feedback on the roundups this month! As a reminder, I’m doing this as an experiment for August to see how we like it, so your feedback counts. I’ve changed the formatting a bit to make the articles easier to read. Articles Notifications decrease performance as much as multitasking We know that […]

Episode 43: The Art of Work with Jeff Goins

Highlights of This Episode: Why liking your job is more dangerous than hating your job How Jeff shifted his mindset from being an amateur to turning pro Why we all need to stop getting hung up on the word “artist” Why a personal brand is not a means to an end but “the beginning of […]

Episode 42: Live a Savvy Life with Stephanie Carls

Highlights of This Episode: How Stephanie got interested in social media, video, and putting them together Why it’s important to turn down opportunities that don’t fit your goals How to take time off when “social is a 24/7 job” Why the number of Twitter followers you have is far less important than whether you can […]

Episode 40: Your Work Is a Gift with James Victore

Highlights of This Episode: What two things made James realize that he needed to embrace his own style of art Why he says the design field either “attracts low self-esteem” or creates it Why “we’re all sitting around waiting for permission to be great” What he means when he says “your work is a gift” […]